Monday, March 26, 2012

Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

Now that Obama has expressed sympathy for Trayvon Martin, this thing is no longer about gun rights, or even race. It's about tearing down everything Obama has ever touched.

Let loose the dogs of speculation and prejudice! To whit, Freepers have decided Martin was probably a drug dealer.

Uncle Slayton rages against the media for covering up all the crap he made up:
The MSM is covering up all kinds of facts about Martin as they have not reported that he was stalking the streets at 3:00 am and they have not reported your fact that he was a drug dealer.
hal ogen adds another lie to the pile:
The city manager said his body lay in the morgue for three days before any of his friends or family said anything about his not being around. Maybe he roamed the city pretty much at will at all hours doing something or other?
TigerClaws alleges a bunch suspiciously stereotypically black stuff:

Treyvon’s character matters.

Did he swing at a school bus driver leading to his suspension? A propensity for violent confrontations.

“No Limit” is a gangsta rap label. Tata. Weed. Gold teeth.

Not quite the squeaky clean young boy the MSM is selling

Yaelle knows what this sounds like:

Sounds like he sold weed. And sounds like he did something PRET-Ty bad at school to get suspended for 10 days. And it sounds like he was assaulting Zimmerman very badly. Badly enough to use self defense.

boomop1 crows Obama's race war is canceled now!

This will spoil Obama’s rabid spring.

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