Sunday, March 4, 2012

So blind.

From the previously posted nightmare thread:

"I’m not sure I’m understanding all of your euphemisms, but penicillin usually helps."

What a very nasty post. You disgust me. I have been a single celibate girl for the past 5 years.



  1. And he doesn't even apologize to her. He just tells her to "Lighten up, Frances." He really is a pig.

  2. butterzillion reads this board. Hey, butter, I have big money to bet that you guys just lost the Presidential election. Post here, we will arrange a bet. Don't be a pussy, I know now you guys hate pussy.

    How does a thousand dollars sound? Obama wins, one thousand dollars. Simple as that. Are you game or are you pussy? My attorney holds it in escrow. I'll give you 3 days. Honest offer.

    Please reply. Make excuses.

  3. On second thought, I'd be cool with Ozy holding the money. He can take 10%. Is that good with you, butter?

  4. Here's a link to the Free Republic Facebook page: