Friday, March 30, 2012

Dems working the refs.

I cannot explain exactly why I love going to Free Republic so much. Most likely it's a combination of things.

One of them is that it's a refuge. When Democrats say something hinky, I know Freepers will eagerly overplay their hand to the point that my laughing at them diminishes any concerns I have about my side's foibles.

Thus, I ran to Free Republic when I heard last night that Sen. Richard Blumenthal explained that if the Supreme Court strikes down the ACA, they would suffer a blow to their credibility, and that their power depends on their credibility because "“The court commands no armies, it has no money."

Crazy Freepers to the rescue!

Dick Bachert
sees what makes me uncomfortable, and already takes it too far:

Does that sound like a not so veiled threat to anyone but moi?

"Could it maybe be construed as a veiled threat? Then it's totally a big obvious threat!!!"

SandyInSeattle doesn't understand why God allows Democrats to exist:

I keep waiting for lightning to strike these people.

Their dishonesty is breathtaking.
sjmjax explains, "I know you are but what am I."

It's breathtaking how the tortured liberal mind is so upside down / inside out.

What will damage the credibility of the Supreme Court or any particular Justice is any vote to uphold the mandate.


When lies become sedition, people should know about it.
GOPJ expects all sorts of shenanigans:

Are they going to 'Breitbart' them? Maybe have Black Panthers put out 'Wanted - Dead or Alive" posters - with big rewards?

Or threaten their parents and families?

Or stick the 'oh so biased New York Times and Washington Post on them?

Spooooo many ways to be thuggy - so little time
cableguymn has at last started deprogramming his kids! That doesn't sound sinister at all!

I honestly think they think we will just lay down and accept it.

However, if it does lead to a war. I agree. Lets get it started. I am young enough to fight and my kids are old enough to be ok with out me. I am raising my kids the right way, outside of the nest of the government. Neither attend government schools (my wife teaches them)

we started deprogramming them 4 months ago. Both are turning in to great little capitalists with the ability to help rebuild our nation once what infects it is rooted out and removed.

TLI thinks it's time for suppression.

The only way to preserve freedom for American Citizens in this Republic is suppression of the communist supporters. "Taking the high road" is rapidly becoming something to be put on the shelf for a while. It is now time to step up, get in their face and refuse any other narrative other than they are worthless communist agenda bastards undeserving of a place in this Republic.

Worthless communist agenda bastards undeserving of a place in this Republic.


  1. They sound like grumpy old men (which they probably are) sitting around and complaining about everything and remembering how great everything was in their day.

  2. I pity the poor kids of cableguymn. They're going to grow up with no skills, social or marketable. And then there's a good chance they'll get into Daddy's weapons cache and make themselves orphans.