Friday, March 16, 2012

SOROS Must Die!

Speaking of people Freepers want to be assassinated,


EQAndyBuzz wants a hands-on approach:
Can’t we just take baseball bats to the commies? It would be so much easier.
TribalPrincess2U knows all bad-guys are basically the same:
Soros is just another binny-laden.

He needs his own cave to hide in.
Dogbert41 also prefers his villains to be politically partisan:
Seal Team Six would have done better for the world if they took Soros out.
The Cajun knows who to rely on!
I can't understand why the Mossad hasn't solved that problem yet.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper Hitlers up the place:
Soros the WW2 KAPO, just trying to finish what the Nazis didn’t do to the Jews.

He should be tried in Israel as a war criminal and executed on the spot, or any spot where he is found.

Seig heil George. Adolph has a nice place waiting for you so that you can exchange “uber alles” ideas together for eternity.

You might as well have pushed your fellow Hungarian Jews into the ovens, KAPO RAT. Rot in hell you Nazi traitor.
I'll leave that to rmlew to debunk:
1. He was Nylas, Arrow Cross.
2. He isn't a Jew, so "Kapo" doesn't apply.
3. Israel won't prosecute him because he was a teenager (12-14).
Israel should publically denounce Soros as a juvenile war criminal, just to undermine him.
Why Israel doesn't get more overtly involved in American politics, I will never know!

munin is sure the Russkies are involved:
I think Soros could not have made enough money in honest currency trading all by himselfe, I think he was financed by the KREMLIN AND OR THE Stasi and is continually drawing on an acount replenished by leftish sourses
This guy needs to be investigated, but I don’t know by who,
as I no longer trust the FBI or CIA, hope we can get someone from our side in charge after the next election
Don Corleone:
Soros is a very sick man. His money will not cure him of the disease of hatred.
Indeed. Soros has the hatred problem.


  1. Speaking of assassinations, there's some prime crazy in this thread.

    Seems that President Obama was one of Osama bin Laden's prime targets. Watch the crazy rationalizations unfold!

  2. Strong stuff. I'll let it marinate, but it's already a good post.

    I'm also keeling an eye on any reactions to Wisconsin flipping to the Dems.

  3. From the thread euphgeek posted...

    "When Joe Biden heard that the lead Monkee had died, he ran down the hall of the White House yelling,

    “I’m the frickin’ President!”

    Because Obama is the leader and black and black people are monkeys! Get it?