Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Could the Muslims be right?

It's something of a trope that Freepers are the American Taliban. But to hear them say it? That's rare.

This is from an article about a Canadian court holding that outlawing brothels is unconstitutional.


“Western culture is in a terminal decline.”

There’s less and less left worth defending.

Could the Muslims be right?

Nextrush agrees with Satan:

Even the Evil One himself speaks the truth part of the time.

kearnyirish2 sorta agrees, additionally, he's rejected society.

My thoughts exactly; Muslims aren’t right, but this isn’t either (and certainly not worth dying for). I know this is a Canadian story, but it has parallels with the US: As we become a country where deviance is heralded as better then the norm, where race and gender determine whether or not someone gets into a school, lands a job or promotion, obtains a business loan, etc., what stake does a heterosexual male of European descent even have in it?

Outside of my tribe, I couldn’t care less for most of the people around me; I’ve become completely indifferent to them. I still pay taxes and vote, but along a very narrow range of issues that matter to me personally. The concept of a nation or shared heritage has been completely eradicated (deliberately) by America’s Bolsheviks.

Can you feel the patriotism?

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  1. Just upon the rare occasion, Freepers spill their guts and tell the truth about themselves. I wish Freepers would stop being politically correct. Call a spade a spade, Freepers.

    This mealy mouthed bullshit does nothing to promote your cause. Start saying what you mean.

    How can we have honest discourse when you are hiding behind PC bullshit you don't even believe in? Stop it. Start telling the truth about what you think.