Friday, March 30, 2012

Before Obama

I've been saying Free Republic has been getting more crazy for a while. When a Freeper bumped a thread from 2005 about the possibility of a nuke in DC, it seemed the perfect moment to compare:

Diana in Wisconsin thinks it's every man for himself.
It truly WILL be every Man for Himself if we get nuked. So, don't be scared; be prepared as best you can be with food, a basement (yours or a neighbors), cots, wind-up radio, bottled water, meds if you need them, something to make fire, etc. We have a great kit put together for tornadoes & blizzards in our basement. A lot of that "survival" stuff would come in hand in this instance, too.
No concern about roving liberal urban gangs.

Jonathan shows fantasies of Muslim genocide aren't new:
And here is what happens next, if I had anything to do with it:

Tasking orders are sent to an Ohio class SSBN somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Within 15 minutes 24 Trident SLBM's are headed to the Middle East.

Every Muslim city of over 100,000 people is incinerated with a MIRV warhead.

Every day for the next 5 days a similar atomic strike is launched on the survivors and the battle-assesed remnants of the Muslim world.

P.S. If the Muslims KNEW this would happen and BELIEVED we would do it, they would deliver Ali Kahn of Pakistan and Bin Laden's corpse and all of their followers to us post haste.
Prost1 dehumanizes even innocent Muslims just like nowadays:
the Enemy must know without a doubt....

Every man, woman, child that is muslim will be dead within hours of the event. There will be not muslim country left, from Africa to Indonesia.

I will have as much pity for the innocent muslim as the innocent muslim has for us.
null and void wishes death upon Freepers' Satan du jour:

I think Hillary would survive a nuclear blast.

Yeah. She has a powerfull ally that's used to flames...

Satan is so fickle, ain't he!

has a different enemy:

No more Ted Kennedy?

Lexington Green has the unthinking hatred of DC down:
All those politicians dead..... Why would our enemies do us such a favor?
ExSoldier has the same old conspiracy theories, just with a different pupped-master.
But have you ever heard of FEMA and the infamous Executive Orders to be triggered ('scuse the pun) in such a case? All those EO's were linked together by Clinton. It's a nightmare.
Quix is as apocalyptic as always!
that's been scheduled, ordered by the puppet masters.

They figure they have to scare us into the world government scheme.

They also want only about 500,000,000 total world population to make governing easier.
JDoutrider from 2009:

I missed this the first time around... now with the mooselimb in power, it makes sense to BTTT!

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  1. Yup, definitely crazier over the years. But when you start from crazy, it doesn't give you much room to go. Fortunately, Freepers are always up to the challenge.