Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All of Rush's sponsors were secretly liberal

Rush continues to lose sponsors. I'll still be surprised if he gets taken down by this, but it is fun to watch him squirm.

And watch Freepers rage like rats in a cage:

Mamzelle can't stop being misogynistic:
All of these corporate guys have liberal wives.
Liberal sluts are easy. Why marry them?
Ciome for the the "All CEOs are pussy whipped" stay for the "All liberal women are sluts"

skeeter is unclear on when the First Amendment applies:
FOAD anti-first amendment cowards. I’m watching ya.
Fun fact - private boycotts are actually an excessive of the First Amendment!

Jacquerie is pretty sure this is all part of Obama's plan!
Silencing the opposition is critical to the establishment of a totalitarian society.
Lessee, the DSCC has requested the FFC remove Rush from the airwaves and the IRS is coming down on Tea Party groups. FNN and GBTV people are getting the same treatment. All big name conservative celebrities must hire private security. Breitbarticus drops dead.
The noose tightens.
SeekAndFind has the answer to Rush's troubles:
Well, at least one advertiser is still there — THE NEWT GINGRICH CAMPAIGN.
Constitution1st knows the disloyal sponsors were all liberals lying in wait:
Many of them are leftist companies; you can tell by their names and/or products.
Covenantor has evidence!
Here's an interesting link of Thompson Creek Windows and Obama. The company is in the Wash. DC suburbs which is their core market. Obama made one of his economy speeches at the plant.
Obama totally touched the company - that makes it liberal, and racist against white people!

boxlunch laments the lack of conservative media, now that FOX has been revealed to be secretly Muslim:
I know there are some extremely wealthy conservative who have the money and connections to do this.
I just don’t see why none of them have ever followed through. Do they not see the danger this country is in?
Did we rely on FOX too much, only to find out they really aren’t conservative (and now an almost majority share owned by Saudis)?
itssme doesn't want to be over-dramatic, but the life of every Freeper is on the line:
C’mon, everybody, THIS IS WAR. The left wants us dead...they are hell-bent on destroying one of us, they are ORGANIZED, and they work at it.
Here's the list of advertisers who bailed on Rush, and are supporting a blacklist AGAINST Rush, our freedom of speech and We the People

Get their contact info: names and addresses, email, phone numbers, etc. Then post them on FreeRepublic. And then make your calls, send your emails, post on their web sites., Facebook.

These leftists are trying to kill us...remember that, and start fighting with all you've got. We've got work to do...and remember Andrew Breitbart. He was a WARRIOR, and he took no leftist crap. Pick up the banner and let's roll.


  1. The "war rallying cry" posts are always the best.

    I really hate how people have this ridiculous idea that any consequences for your words means that freedom of speech doesn't exist. The First Amendment guarantees that the government will not limit your freedom of speech or put you in jail for your words. It doesn't mean no one can attack you for things you've said or encourage sponsors to boycott you. That's just voting with your feet. It's the free market! The First Amendment protects you from the government, it doesn't give you an inalienable right to say whatever you want without anybody being allowed to react to it.

  2. Good post Anonymous #1. Fact based reasoning is in short supply in the Republican Party.

    The thing I love about all this is that the Freepers don't ever seem to realize that they are a tiny percentage of the electorate. No one cares. The freaking Republican Party does not care about the Freepers.

    Rush lost 20 or 30 advertisers. Freepers are out manned and out gunned. The numbers tell the tale.

    How did this happen? Nobody wants to be a birther. Nobody wants to say on record that President Obama is a super secret Jihad agent for Al-Queda. Nobody sane, that is.

    Freepers have backed themselves into a corner and they have achieved political irrelevance. Let me repeat that for emphasis. Freepers have backed themselves into a corner and they have achieved political irrelevance.

    No one cares about you, Freepers. The Republican Party does not care about you and who else would ever give damn about what you have to say? You are dead, lie down.

  3. The freepers have finally entered realms of insanity I once considered impossible to achieve. Bravo, freepers, bravo.

  4. There is yet another Sarah Palin thread.

    As an old geezer, let me tell you how things go.

    Mrs. Palin is already losing her looks. By 2016 she will be 52 years old and the "I'd hit that" Freepers will fall away.

    It's that simple.

  5. I even know why I'm posting this one, it's almost too easy. It just posted about a half hour ago so it's just getting started.


    It's about the white kid in Kansas City that was allegedly set on fire by two black kids in his neighborhood. This is somehow the fault of Eric Holder and President Obama. This thread is basically a white power rally, and it's not even fun anymore.

    "Obama and Withholder may have well been the one’s throwing the gasoline on the kid. These type of leaders WE DON’T NEED. The warped idealogy of the socialist democratic left must be politically defeated in November."

  6. Here's one that basically says, "Three things happen (two of those being bills voted down) that Democrats like and Republicans don't."


    Obviously this means Republicans are being attacked, not that,you know, the majority of people don't agree with their fucktard mentality. FReepublicans lose their shit and invoke the civil war rhetoric as usual. Just when I thought it was going to be more generic, "WE'RE AT WAR! WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!" shit I stumbled upon this and it totally redeemed them:

    "Whites, Asians, Hispanics, males, females, blacks, gays, straights and bisexuals are to be represented on the bench in the proportion that they are found in the population.

    So if dogs make 26 percent of the US population does that mean there should be dogs on the bench?

    What happened to merit?"

    Bahhhahahahaah The Shaggy D.A.! There's some more good stuff on that page but sometimes it all just blends together like the worst acid trip I've ever had and I have to remove myself.