Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Pix

Operation: Ugly-up the enemy continues!

The press sure do make a fancy-looking but unintimidating secret police

Freepers feel like the EPA is a dick, and thanks to photoshop they can live their dream!

Sekret Muslim is old and busted.

Sekret Soviet is the new hotness!

Freepers missed that it's satire again! They really think Skittles is all thuggish now.

Some Freepers actually inquired whether this was real...

Smug Obama, eeeevil caduceus, burning money and an American flag. At last, our orgy is complete!

BUSH AND CONDI ARE IN ON IT! I think Rumsfeld too!!

How many racist stereotypes can you find in this picture?

At last, proof he's a thug.


  1. Two great threads:

    First, a demonstration of the pettiness of Freepers:
    "Earth Hour observed all over the world. ( I'm turning on every light)"

    Second, a bullying thread full of internet tough guys and schoolyard morality:
    "Stop Panicking About Bullies"

    1. The Earth Hour thread is epic. Full of paranoia, conspiracies, and self-righteous 'gonna leave my lights on and stick it to the left.'

      Favorite quote:
      "Earth Day was (originally) a COMMUNIST celebration designed to weaken the U.S. from within. That is why the day was set, not by coincidence, on the birthday of Karl Marx."
      by Ancient Wonderboy

      It's got it all, with the added bonus of being totally not factual.

    2. Reading Free Republic, the obliviousness is what I find so appalling. They are sitting in front of computers connected to the internet and yet... facts do not matter. You see this over and over again ad infinitum.

      When facts don't matter, what in the world are these people talking about?

    3. The Freepers of today are what you get when, back in the 1960s, our rich Republican elites cut the deal with the old "uptown Klan" of the former Confederate states -- the White Citizens' Councils, Sovereignty Commissions, etc. -- to push racism for electoral gain and to cut the taxes of their corporate patrons by convincing white voters (in the South and everywhere) to vote against their own best economic interests.

      Strom Thurmond was the test case. They had to wait until 1968 -- when Nixon was running for president and banking on Southern disapproval of the Voting and Civil Rights Acts -- to launch the strategy they use to this day, the infamous Southern Strategy.

      They've had half a century to marinate people's brains in this vile stew of racism and hatred of government social programs. It's their favorite tool in their toolbox. But it's coming back to haunt them, in the "sow the wind, reap the whirlwind" manner.

      Phoenix Woman (the previous comment under this ID was from Charles, who also posts at Mercury Rising)

  2. you people are tools.

  3. Thanks for keeping an eye on the Freeps. Whenever there's an iconic event of major impact, like the Trayvon Martin shooting, I try to sift a few threads to give a sense of what their talking points are.

    One of the interesting things this round was a fellow, who took the nom de slime of "Tailgunner Joe," and his role in defaming Trayvon. There's some irony in that the nickname for Joe McCarthy was arrived at because he falsified his service record, including awarding himself a medal. This is precisely the story that the right fabricated about John Kerry... but is actually true about this fellow's hero.

    The Freeps never fail to bemuse.


    Sweet Mother of God what is this?

  5. Damn, Anon, Mother of God indeed! Less than 20 comments, and already totally postworthy. I'll see how it looks tomorrow!

  6. Another note: 2nd quarter Freepathon has begun. They're asking for $94,000 this time. Seems even more excessively high than usual ($94,000 x 4 = $376,000 per year) Anyone recall what their previous quarter's target was?

  7. This is just baffling. Romney will be the GOP nominee.

    Freepers represent a larger share of the Republican Party. They will, for the most part, vote against the black, Democratic candidate but they will not be happy voting for a Mormon. They will not be happy voting for yet another rich man, well, maybe they will, maybe their hopes are all invested in winning the lottery some day.

    Vote Romney, Freepers. Make excuses as you go along. That will provide some laughs if nothing else. Tell us how, after all this, that it is OK to vote for Romney.

    Thanks for the entertainment. Dance, Freepers, dance!