Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gay pix make freepers go nuts

This was the last of my backlog from last week. Huzzah!

Boring gay-bashing thread? But this one has a pic, and Freepers are chidlike, visual creatures. Thus, they dial the crazy up to 11!

NKP_Vet is pretty sure this is the worst America can get:
BARF ALERT. Who in the hell would have ever thought the United States of America would allow tongue-sucking sodomites in the US military.
This picture is nauseating. George Washington and the rest of the Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves. Pray for this nation. It can't get much worse than this.
dfwgator knows a gay dude begets other gay dudes:
What they will find out, is, just like the Catholic Church, once a gay gets into some position of power, he will promote other gays, and then they will embed themselves deep into the system by looking out for each other, until one day, it will be impossible to extract them out.
dfwgator also hopes gay marines get the beating they deserve:
I see a “Code Red” in that guy’s future.
Gaffer thinks a gay marine is some kid of Unstoppable Sodomizing Machine:
Look at it this way....maybe crazy Mohamhead in the Arab street will be afraid that the Devil American Soldiers will bugger them to death of splattering their brains in a blood mist against a dirt wall.
LeonardFMason gets a bit catty:
Is it just me or does the Marine dangling from his mans neck look like a complete LARD ASS? If he is in shape, Marine shape, then standards are sinking. LOL! look at the way his feet hang! What was he? A cook?
FES0844 gets theologically melodramatic:
God, too, must be weeping.
American Dream 246 seems a bit confused about the law:
Aghhhhhhh!!! This is disgusting!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!! And with little kids just next to them? WHERE IS THE POLICE???
Repeat Offender wants more AIDS, so all gays die:
If only AIDS could spread as fast as the perverse pictures and videos of the vectors.......


  1. Limbaugh broadcasts dead air during commercial breaks

    "Dead air happens when a radio or television station fails to broadcast anything over a period of time. It is generally considered to be one of the worst things that can happen in broadcast industry."

  2. AHAHA! "WHERE IS THE POLICE??" I love the image of some old Freeper spitting out his coffee at his glowing computer monitor while his eyes pop out of his head and he screams "AHHH!!! WHERE IS THE POLICE!?!?"

  3. That's a good point, Anonymous #2. I think the case that went to the Supreme Court was Lawrence vs. Texas.

    The police are not turning on their sirens and rushing to the scene because gay sex is not illegal.

    I wish Free Republic would be true to their own values. Campaign to make gay sex illegal again. Campaign to make divorce illegal.

    It the flacid mushiness of Free Republic that fails to chafe that bothers me.

  4. I'm sure that the freepers would not be afraid at all to say these things to the huge gay gentleman on the left in this image.

  5. No mention of the dead air yet, but I'l keep an eye out.

  6. I was a soldier in the mid to late 70's. We were, nearly all of us, just there because we needed a job. Just in case any readers have been asleep for the last decade, it's been hard to find a job in these times too.

    Were there gay folk in Army back then. No, of course not. Are you fucking kidding me, yes there were. The thing is, nobody cared. OK, there was one night I got up to pee and there were a couple of guys going at it in the showers. I thought that was kind of rude but I haven't given this much thought between then and now. Who cares? By the way, the same thing happened when I was in college. And hey, I don't have anything against the late night rendezvous. I'm old as hell and I have had more dirty sex than you might think.

    The thing about Republicans is that they have never learned to mind their own business. They don't want High School girls to get knocked up and they don't want them using birth control. How about we all get out of High School girls pants? If you don't sit next to them in History, you really are a pervert if you think about this too much.

    Freepers will continue to relate to us just exactly what it is gay guys do for sex. They do this over and over and over again. Why? They are a little too interested if you ask me.

  7. baileybat (military wife) says:

    "99.9% of the Sergeants Majors, Captains, Majors, and Colonels around you would like to have you and your sodomite buddy dragged out back and at the very least pistolwhipped until the dishonorable discharge paperwork is ready, idiot."