Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teacher Fired After Not Noticing Third Graders Having Sex Under Desk

Another gem uncovered by Dr. Teeth.

How do Freepers react to the story of two children of maybe 9 having oral sex in school? Assume this anecdote represents all Public schools and take off from there!

rovenstinez knows who to blame:
Absolutely, this is the legacy of Bill and Monica, the world we live in will never be the same, Thanks Bill.
Seriously, like four posts on this thread blame Bill Clinton for inventing oral sex or something.

Westbrook blames the Public School System. Here is one of his dozen posts:
No right-thinking parent who loves his kids would put them in a government school collective 40 hours a week to be indoctrinated with “sex education” films and “values clarification” and to read commie-inspired doggerel from kindergarten on up.
BobL shows you don't need no sex education:

Hopefully the school provides free birth control or this could be a much bigger problem.

GeronL remembers condoms are bad, and liberals love child sex!
Yep. The left is going to wonder what the big deal is, and give them condoms.
baddog 219 knows which race this is!

I’m sorry but the thought of third graders doing this sickens me.....Not to be racist, but was these 3rd graders .... UH.... black?

sueuprising blames Satan, though he uses an unfortunate verb:

And there are still people in this world, who say the devil is not real. The devil is real and is indeed “ looking for someone to devour”. In this case, it is a pair of 8 year olds and their teacher.

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