Friday, March 23, 2012

It's going to get interesting at FR if Romney is nominated, innit??

Freepers contemplate the inevitable:

USS Alaska is one of those humble martyrs who can't stop talking about their martyrdom on the internet.

If mittens gets the nod, I am gonna self ban from FR, me, my wild rants and my quarterly donations, because I won't be singing and dancing, but I'll be voting for mittens.

FReepers are mostly pretty sharp politically, but many are prideful to a fault.

There is a load of childishness, masquerading as false conservative values, and since you voted for obama in the last election, you will feel justified doing it again.

Not me, I'll be going on down the road.
cuban leaf is planning something sinister!

If Romney wins the nomination or the SCOTUS sides with Obama on health care, I’ll probably disappear from the internet.

samtheman takes refuge in shadowy conspiracies:

We were played.

First we were played on the subject of Rick Perry (Guardisil! Guardisil! OMG! Guardisil!), then we were played on the subject of Newt Gingrich (pre-Florida there was an anti-Newt tsunami here on FR).

We are conservatives and we are stupid.

demkicker is typical of the side voting for Romney, justifying selling out by pumping up Obama to supernatural levels:
I admire people with principles, but in this case I cannot fathom how anyone could justify handing the presidency over to Satan/Obama for another four years - period.It's
Remember kids, never blame on pragmatism what you can blame on SATAN.

Sirius Lee Palins it up:
Grassroots Conservatives started the Tea Party. We can start a Sarah Palin write in movement. Why do we have to just accept whatever dogcarp the GOPe "allows" us? Xcrew that!

It's time for us do to an end run around these clowns. There are more of us than there are Karl Roves. We just have to agree to do it. And the DO IT!

We can do this. We can get the signatures to put her on the ballot of every state as the candidate of the Palin Party. We just have to do it and stop whining about being stuck with the false dichotomy of loser(R) or loser (D).
ngat is just going to mutter about those undeserving voters on election day:

So, the only conclusion possible is that an electorate to which the universal franchise has been extended, is infinitely pliable, by application of the ruses of the demogogue.

EternalVigilance is running for President! Really!

Yes, I’m running. And I may well end up being the only conservative on the ballot, the way it’s looking.

Tellingly, Jim Robinson concentrates on Congress these days.

It’s going to be interesting alright. IMHO, we need to fight like banshees to continue the 2010 tea party congressional sweeps no matter who gets the presidential nomination. And, whether Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Obama wins the election, we’re going to need strong tea party majorities in both houses of congress to hold their feet to the fire and to roll back government.
Personally, I cannot and will not vote for abortionist big government Romney if he’s the one, but damn sure will turn out on election day to vote for any conservative Republicans down ticket.


  1. This is off topic but I'd like to know why Freepers refer to the Republican Party as the "GOP-E", which appears to be a derogatory term. Any ideas on the origin of this nickname? I haven't seen this name used anywhere else.

    1. It stands for GOP establishment. They don't like that the people who run the party actually have anything to say about who their candidates are.

  2. the republicans don't really want the presidency this time. if they did they would have planned this over the last 4 years and come up with
    marketable candidates .

    1. It's because the incumbent wins the vast majority of re-election campaigns. These are the 3rd stringers for the GOP. Cannon fodder. The serious candidates are holding out for 2016.

  3. Having read much of what Freepers have to say about this, what strikes me is that Herb Cain and the Cain Train seem to have fallen into the Memory Hole.

    Too bad because that was some funny stuff.

  4. If you don't mind, I'd like to quote some guy commenting over at Slate concerning Romney.

    Which begs the question: Why does this guy even want to be president? Does he have some grand vision for this country? And what would that be? He's constantly etching, sketching and erasing, so when is he going to leave something on the screen for us to see?"

    This is a damn good question. Why does Romney want to be President? Mr. Obama made things clear in his run for the Presidency. Love him or loathe him, he told us why he wanted the job.

  5. Wait they hate Karl Rove??

  6. Strong comments here.

    1. I know GOP-E stands for GOP-establishment, but I don't know where it started. Freepers rarely some up with their own slang, though.

    2. I don't by that Republicans don't want to win the Presidency. Maybe they didn't expect to win in 2009 when this was all getting started, but after the 2010 election and the economy continuing to suck, they know this is something they could do. Too late by then.

    3. We all miss Cain, though Newt is pretty funny.

    4. Romney does seem to be a bit like Robert Redford from "The Candidate." All goal, no ambition.

  7. I find it amazing that EternalVigilance is actually running for President when I've seen some COMPLETE insanity spouted out by him on that board. I'm talking, "This guy has to be fucking trolling," level insanity. Holy shit.