Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reichstag fires everywhere

a Texas state senator's legislative offices had Molotov cocktails thrown at it. It turns out this was the work of a mentally unstable homeless man - not political at all.

Literally every Freeper who commented on this thread was sure this was a put-on by liberals.

plays coy:

“Sen. Davis was not in her office at the time...”

Hard to throw stuff into your office when you’re already in your office, if you know what I mean (and I believe you do).

Texas Fossil's gut tells him what's going on:

She is a Dem.

She is a Planned Parenthood Supporter.

She fought in the recent reapportionment settlement.

But my gut tells me this is a Dem Reichstag fire.

The DU and DailyKOS is all over this, as usual.

But wait, it's not just Texas Fossil's gut, also logic!
It is a logical assumption, for a Dem to stoop to that kind of tactics.
calex59 knows liberals fake attacks on themselves all the time!
Every year Dimwits attack their own offices and try to pin it, by inference, on Republicans. Just like the nooses hanging from trees and door ways are usually put there by blacks. The left use the same old tricks year after year.
fieldmarshaldj also, too:

All too typical. They can’t win by honest means.

JSteff not only thinks liberals fake stuff all the time, but they are all obvious hoaxes (that only Freepers can see for some reason)
Maybe her prints will be on the bottles.

Sandra Fluke thing was poorly done, the gunrunner was also very sloppy, as was the Gulf oil spill thing and obama's reactions since it happened. He gets sloppier with each move and that may be our best hope to bring him down.


  1. Keep hoping, Freepers! It's not like you have anyone who can actually win in November!

  2. Wow, Freepers take the whole "the other party is responsible for all the country's problems" partisan thing to a whole new level. They really believe Obama intentionally caused the gulf oil spill?? In order to what? Take credit for stopping it? Push an environmental message? If they honestly believe that and aren't just talking shit, then they are truly insane.