Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sandra Fluke writ small

Once again, pointed out by one of my legions of anonymous commenters. Not too crazy, but sociologically interesting.

A black salesman at Radio Shack wrote on a black woman's receipt, "ugly itch, ghettohood, usa, tattoville, Maryland."

Now, Freepers routinely rage at Obama's race, and the victimhood of whites. But, as was the case with Sandra Fluke, when a private individual is singled out, that's somehow different. Some Freepers objected to the "Well, she looks ghetto" arguments. This, of course, just made the more racist Freepers double down.

JRios1968 always judges books by their cover, especially when the cover is black:
Well, she IS an ugly one, and she looks to be from the ghetto.

All in all, he wasn’t misportraying her.
MNDude was amazingly able to predict it was a black woman insulted by being called "ghetto"
Definately an insulting receipt, but I knew from reading the title who would have been insulted, based on media reporting patterns.
Altariel always assumes everything is a hoax:
How long will it be before we find out this receipt was photoshopped too?
flatfish is confused about the salesman being black:
Hell, if this were a white guy, he’d be executed at sunrise.
BJ1 and about half a dozen other Freepers object to the above orgy of racism:
I’ve noticed numerous comments on FR that could be taken in a racists manner. I am for giving people the benefit of the doubt here. But nonetheless, its something I noticed over and over.

I hope if it is not imagined, it is simply the friend of my enemy is my enemy mindset. Since black and brown tend to vote democrat. The country is going to continue to get darker, that is a fact. The white population in the US is barely replacing itself. Its necessary to change hearts and minds. Its necessary to assimilate immigrants. You don’t want to push them into the other camp.
rlmorel responds that blacks get away with being racist all the time, so he's going to act racist for revenge on this double standard!
...I’ve noticed numerous comments on FR that could be taken in a racists manner...
I've noticed numerous comments in school, work, government, military, sports, homes, public transportation, supermarkets, etc. "that could be taken in a racists manner".

If a black man makes a derogatory comment to a black woman about her race, is that racist? If an Irishman calls another Irishman a "mick", is he being culturally insensitive? How about an Italian calling another Italian a "Wop"?

Is this even a transgression to use these words in a discussion of the situation, that is, are they not to be used even when discussing an issue in the same way the "N" word and the "C" word are?

If the answer is that those are not examples of cultural or racial insensitivity, then you must by definition believe there are and should be different speech codes for different groups of people. Do you believe that?
CharlesWayneCT loves how on Free Republic you can discuss things that you would never act on. Also blacks are the true racists.
I imagine that, if any of those freepers were actually in charge of determining the employee punishment, they would take it seriously.

But this is a discussion thread, and people just like to discuss.

For myself, I was just happy when I saw his picture and he wasn’t white. I was afraid my race would be pilloried again because of the offensive actions of one person. Seems absurd though for my mood to be in any way affected by the actions of some guy I don’t know and will never meet.

But that’s what happens — those who claim we should be treated individually are the first to attack an entire race, so long as that race is white; and to attack an entire gender, so long as that gender is male.

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