Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Afghan-murdering soldier is totally a Secret Muslim.

Freepers have reached a conclusionabout the solider who massacred 16 Afghan civilians. He's totally a secret Muslim, and it was also a great tactic:

Usagi_yo speculates:
I’m too calloused from all the Muslim on the western world violence and rhetoric to actually care what this soldier did. We don’t know the whole picture either. There was a brief blurb the day it happened that others were involved. I want to hear the whole story.

Maybe his gay Muslim lover was stoned to death. Perhaps his female Muslim girlfriend was victim to an honor killing. Maybe one of his comrades in arms was shot and killed by an Afghan soldier in the aftermath of the Qur’on burnings. Maybe he got upset over young girls having their feet chopped off at the ankles for going to school.
The solution to young girls being abused is to shoot little girls in bed!

Happy Rain has got to assume Islam:
Until they release a name one has to assume the man is a radical Muslim and he went on a calculated rampage in order to get the Afghans fired up against America. Extremist Islam allows the killing of even innocent Muslims in the cause of Jihad.
I smell some big CYAs going on—and the “brain damage” story not only allows him to be isolated but prevented, under medical “supervision” from talking.
South Hawthorne's logic is unassailable:
What is the most likely profile of a murderer of unarmed civilians? A muslim.
Alberta's Child thinks Afghanistan will totally calm down now that someone finally acted like a badass:
Watch how muted the Afghan response (other than the predictable public statements from all these people) is going to be. They were willing to riot in the streets and kill U.S. soldiers over a Koran-burning because everyone from one corner of the planet to the other knew that the U.S. government and the military would simply cower in fear, beg forgiveness, and take a couple of extra measures to further emasculate the troops over there.

This is different. The knowledge that one or more of these "invaders" was capable of walking off his base one night and slaughtering families in their sleep is likely to put fear in people -- in both Afghanistan and the U.S. -- that they never felt in the ten years since the U.S. military arrived there.
Alberta's Child is pretty sure there's going to be a cover up:
This story is going to disappear from the headlines faster than anyone could possibly imagine.
For one thing, the "wrong" leader is in the White House for this sort of thing, as far as the U.S. media are concerned. The soldiers who put underwear ont the heads of prisoners at Abu Ghraib were portrayed as war criminals by the U.S. media, while they're already reporting unsubstantiated hints about a mysterious "head injury" that this guy suffered in Iraq.

Secondly, the details of this story may well include some extremely embarrassing facts about the perpetrator's prior medical or personal history that would lead any objective observer to question why he was ever sent to Afghanistan in the first place.

And thirdly (and perhaps most important of all), there's always going to be a fear that this sort of episode is actually going to be far more effective in "winning" over in Afghanistan (whatever that is even supposed to mean) than any of the other nonsense the U.S. has been doing for more than a decade.
EBH feels like America is an abused spouse:
While I don't condone what the soldier is alleged to have done...

I do believe if this man was unstable and the command failed to remove him from the situation, they themselves should stand trial as well.

I so strongly view the situation in Afghanistan as that of one of 'domestic abuse.' For every good we try to do, it is returned to us as abuse 10 fold. In a land of no mercy and no gratitude, it is not hard to draw the conclusion this soldier did. He killed innocents and for that he must answer, but I in no way wish to see justice determined in a court or by a people that will kill him, burn his body, and hang him from a lampost either.
Clearly, EBH hasn't spent much time on Free Republic.

Westbrook thinks Obama has been waiting for the right moment to surrender:
Obama-ramadan-o-ding-dong will capitulate and let the Afghan savages torture and mutilate this man to death.

Torture and mutilation is ok when his moslem friends do it.

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