Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chelsea Clinton On Sandra Fluke: “We Both Have Been Attacked By Rush Limbaugh”

via the Anonymous Legion.

I've spoken before about how Freepers are getting less and less politically savvy for some reason. It's like their madness has reached critical mass, and damaging their cause no longer matters to them.

So when Chelsea Clinton weighed in on the Sandra Fluke thing, there was very little holding Freepers back from such juicy (if undeserving) targets.

arrdon - Sarah Palin is a victim, so there is no such thing as unfair attacks:
Yeah? You shoulda’ had some liberal, slime-bag a$$-hole ‘writer’ move in next to your parents’ home in an attempt to monitor every family move and write a continuing trumped-up lie in an effort to slander your Mother first, then every single member of your family. This, in an effort to further the interests of the Soros Presidential-handling Experiment. Try being one of the Palin family, Mizzzz Clinton.
Maverick68 keeps it simple:
Well, you are both lying, unattractive whores, so I’m OK with that.
Nathaniel has kept close track of the academic careers of both women:
What Fluke does NOT have in common with Hatchet-Face, Jr (Chelsea) is that Chelsea “earned” her undergraduate degree, master’s degree and is currently “perusing” her PhD (Oxford?) and NEVER or RARELY set foot in a classroom.
Her liberal dummycRAT pedigree combined with daddy and butch-mommy’s celebrity wielded incredible influence on fawning lib-dim “professors”.

Fluke is no Mensa member – rather a “professional student” who intends to ride free on grants, her leg-spreading abilities and her new-found notoriety for as long as humanly possible.

Limbaugh should NEVER have apologized – not to echo fictional John Wayne or Mark Harmon characters, but lib-dims seize apologies as a huge sign of weakness. There is NO substitute for total and complete victory. Genghis Kahn was right.
ScottinVA points out what's important:
Try as she might, the Clinton daughter is talentless, classless and clueless. Not only does she know nothing, she suspects nothing.
And she's not particularly easy on the eyes, either.
Dixie Yooper probably thinks liberals are the classless ones:
In Rush's defense, when he called Chelsea ugly during her dad's first year in office, she was quite a hideous looking little girl.
I wish I could tell which gender these folks are, but I do know some of the most rabid Michelle-Obama bashers are women.

tumblindice is off and rolling!
“She was 30, I was 13,” Clinton said

That’s called `opening the door’ (to what would otherwise be inadmissable).

When Chelsea was 13 she was so ugly that she had to wear a bag of tuna around her neck to get `Sox’ to come near her.
When she was born, the doctor slapped her mother.
Hillary was upset because the other mothers kept thinking Chelsea was a monkey. Bill came to visit with a bunch of flowers and bananas. “Ah wasn’t sure,” said the serial sex criminal.
FrankR conveniently ignores the content of the thread, to lament how conservatives cannot win.
If a conservative says a liberal's name - no matter what the context - it is somehow deemed as "hate", "racial", "sexist, or just "mean".

If a conservative DOESN'T mention a liberal's name - no matter why - it is somehow deemed as "hate", "racial", "sexist" or just "mean".

The solution is to stop running from it, stand your ground, and tell them to STFU.
A bit calmer than the previous Fluke stuff, though. Dunno if the hate was so bright it burned itself out, or if some inkling of how they look has made it's way inside.

One thing the Fluke thing and the Treyvon Martin thing have showed me, though; personal, bigoted attacks are always waiting just below the surface of Free Republic these days, pressurized to explode for the right stimulus.


  1. I think your first point was your best one, Ozy. Hating on women is just not politically savvy.

    As for personal, bigoted attacks, history, recent history, is replete with such things. Vince Foster was murdered by her lover Hillary Clinton etc. etc. etc.

    Before I go, two words for Dixie Yooper, who said about Chelsea Clinton, "she was quite a hideous looking little girl." Fuck you.

  2. Pardon, please. Should have been his instead of hers.

  3. New sexism because I don't know how else to suggest something: