Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Pix

Having exhausted every misogynistic term for women except cunt, Freepers are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Freepers seem unclear on the definition...

Freepers' amazing necromantic telepathy continues!

Post-apocalypse, I'd vote for this guy.

GAS PRICES! Surely this time it's Obama's kryptonite!

Good lord, that's an ugly car.

Why the monitor?


  1. I like that Ron Paul / Mad Max picture more than I really should.

  2. I actually like that car. Infact that's all I could think about looking at it. I didn't even bother really considering why there was a dog in a cage on top. Must be a mormon thing?


  3. Dear Freepers,

    Even though Rush has apologized the damage has been done. When you lose the election in November, you can lay that loss at his feet.

    The Republicans are now the party that picks on girls. It's done. You own it.

    As of today I am looking for a wager. The Reblicans will not win the Presidency in 2012.

  4. Andrew Breitbart's last interview was with Sheriff Joe

    1. Snopes says that the thing about George Washington and the 3 wars is just hooey.

      Seriously, what is wrong with Freepers? Why do they think an angel appeared to George Washington?

  5. That car is the Family Truckster from National Lampoon's Vacation! Probably the coolest thing a Freeper has ever posted. The photoshop job is cut-rate, though (as expected.)