Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Only Freepers should get to vote.

It starts as a "kids these days" thread, and ends with "Democrats shouldn't be voting." Join me, won't you?

jboot knows a suspicious number of porn stars and prostitutes.
I know three or four Millennial girls who actually finished college. Only one has gainful employment. One is a "glamour model," which in her case means small time softcore porn. At least she is married and her husband works an honest job. Another girl is a cigarette girl (for lack of a better term) who works conventions and events for cash. A third is an "actress" in "Youtube Cinema". Her younger sister is a permanent rehab inpatient.

The only millennnial boy I know who has graduated college still spends all his time hanging out with the film and art crowd at his alma mater and produces hundreds of clever Facebook and Twitter posts a day. He has no income. I believe he sleeps on his friends couches and only eats on weekends when he goes home to his parents. He graduated way back in '09...this is definitely a lifestyle for him now.

I know a couple of Millennials who actually launched and started careers and families, but they are in the minority. I don't hold out much hope.
Darren McCarty loves how he's a bitter old man in his 30s.
I had a great response to some liberal trying to include my 30-something arse in their generation. "What do you mean our generation. I'm not a millennial. I was born in the 70's"
That five years for some reason is a big difference. Maybe it's because our generation is now having kids.
DIRTYSECRET hates tattoos, but loves smoking!
It’s the tattoo generation. Y someone would spend $$$ to graffitti their body suggests that they only want to get laid. Young women can do it without a tattoo. I prefer smoking myself.
detective knows what kinds of majors kids these days have!
These are the same people who think it is a good decision to accumulate $50,000 or more in student loan debt in order to get a degree in Gender Studies or something like that.
They are stupid. They vote for Obama.
jboot knows kids vote liberal, which leads to the obvious conclusion:
It’s a great argument for denying the franchise to anyone under 30. Or maybe even under 40.
Excellence has an exception:
Raise the voting age.

Unless one is serving/has served in the military.
fieldmarshaldj denotes another liberal constituency that doesn't deserve citizenship:
I’ll add that anyone working for the government, again, absent military, should not be able to cast a vote. Hordes of government bureaucrats have absolutely zero business being enfranchised, since all they are doing is voting to fleece non-gubmint taxpayers for their overbloated salaries and benefits.
wintertime adds anyone who has kids in public school!
Remove all the parents receiving socialist K-12 schooling for their kids and all the people working for the socialist K-12 schools, and in my county the lines at the polling booth would be very short.
PapaNew hates kids these days so much he thinks they're going to end the world!
I don't see how this isn't the last generation before Jesus' return and the end of the age. It's not like one or two indications. It's like you're surrounded with signposts.
I think Christian America is a major buffer against the world's demise. I really don't expect America to go away until Jesus returns because there's so many praying Christians here. But After He comes, America will be like an empty shell and the whole world will quickly plunge into darkness. The Bible says, and you can see, how once it starts, it will all happen very quickly.


  1. I don't see how this isn't the last generation before Jesus' return and the end of the age.

    I don't suppose PapaNew knows exactly how many times this sentiment has been expressed?

  2. I am just the dumb old guy. Trust me.

    There's a lady I know who just had her first chemo treatment and at the same time Pro-Flowers dropped Limbaugh. So, I thought, here is a win-win situation.

    Let me tell you, just at this one moment in time I am a superstar. My sick friend went over the moon.

    Thank you, Rush. I don't get much glory but just right now I am enjoying it.