Monday, March 12, 2012

Before Sandra Fluke, there was Jane Fonda

Commenter kidglov3s was trolling the Freeper archives, like ya do, and found quite the Jane Fonda thread from September 2011:

The combination of misogyny and violent posturing really shows the bubbling woman hatred that I found so shocking last week has been around for a while:

Happy Rain has this "morbid but angry" thing going:
Hanoi Jane is getting real old and not aging well and soon her gross "work done" corpse will be fit for only the most vile eat anything worms as those who respect their wormhood will only defecate on her remains so as to accelerate the just decomposition of her worthless corpse and Godless existence.
jonascord seems nice:
It's spooky how, ultimately, this life support system for a vag is lauded for spending fifty years as a walking demonstration for too much lead based paint in the nursery.
blasater1960 found a thesaurus!
Wow...she is more of a tramp-slut-whore than I realized. What a pathetic waste of a human.
RBIEL2 totally coulda made it with her, but she was way below his standards:
I worked in a liquor store in Santa Monica in the late 70’s(Surf Liquor), Jane would come in frequently to buy some Jack Daniels for her husband. She had a wandering eye for me, I thought she was overrated(as a sex symbol) and not too attractive and about as pretty as my mother.
Happy Rain blames acting for making Henry Fonda a Communist:
In the 1940 “The Grapes of Wrath” it is said her daddy Henry Fonda pretty mush invented method acting
(the total immersion in all aspects into the personality of the character played—what killed Heath Ledger (who played one too many perverts),and made Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp successful if sick superstars)
and actually thus became a socialist to play a socialist part.

The pro-progressive fantasy of Fonda's Tom Joad made for a stellar performance but unfortunately set the stage for the red diaper waste of liberal byproducts Jane and Peter Fonda
Waco wishes Jane Fonda were dead:
Too bad she’s not sleeping with Che now, the world better for it.
tet68 boasts he totally coulda killed her:
Jane Fonda is only alive today only because I valued my
freedom more than her miserable life.

The opportunity was there.
DNME admits she was hot, but that's okay, he only objectifies her!
Her ticket to Hell has long been punched, and the sooner she gets there the better.

But at least a few of you guys have to admit she looked quite yummy in her Barbarella and Cat Ballou days!

Come on ... admit it ... the Commie bitch was cute in her time.


  1. If only Freepers could set the Way Back Machine to 1962 and go there. They would be happy and we would be happy to see them go.

  2. Pardon me for going off topic, Ozy. I got a chance to see Game Change.

    Freepers, would you please come off your paranoid bandwagon? Governor Palin is not the devil, she just wasn't ready to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

    I know you love her, I read your forum sometimes but we have to face facts when the bills come due, don't we?

    This is serious business. This is the major leagues.

    One more thing. Could you please cut it out with that ridiculous birther nonsense. I am old, I remember a Republican Party that had some sense and some dignity.

  3. Freepers, where are you? Speak up.

    In 2008 the economy nearly went down. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. Enlighten me.