Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday potpourri pt. 1

Bumper crop again this week. Blame Trayvon Martin, I don't plan to make a habit out of it.

points out how Obama is like Charles Manson, only all subtle-like.

That makes 2 famous people seeking a “race war.”

Barack Obama and Charles Manson.

Manson’s “family” went around California stoking fears of the “coming race war.”

The major difference is, one occupies the Oval Office.

The other difference is, while Manson’s followers “murdered the rich pigs,” Omoslem uses surrogates (Black Panthers, OWS) domestically and moslem surrogates (Muslim Brotherhood) overseas to threaten and kill Jews... Christians... The “rich”....and Whitey.

USS Alaska is pissed how the Secret Service won't let him say Obama needs to die.

If the pResident had a son, he'd look like most of the shooters in last weekend's Chicago massacre, but don't get too excited, they might beat their record this weekend.

I wonder if the murdered, little six year old girl's parents, will get a shout out from the pResident?

This hypocritical, halfrican, communist, mooselimb, prick needs to be ________.

Fill in the blank, if I did, the SS would be at my door, Sieg Heil.

bert has decided Trayvon has had lots of kids out of wedlock:

So far, none of the MSM has asked how many kids now have no biological father since Travon died

Secret Agent Man cannot abide woman protagonists in action movies:

I won’t go to any movie where the waif girl survives huge guys and guns. In real life one on one there’s no contest. I can’t suspend the disbelief enough to buy that crap.

Right Cal Gal knows Hollywood is going to have a hard time after the Obama Gasoline Apocalypse:
These Entertainment libturds think Obama’s peachy-keen now, but wait until later this year when fans aren’t buying records and attending concerts and movies because they have to buy gasoline and food instead.
Toespi knows Obama's been testing America's tolerance for...moderate liberal policies I guess?

Obama has been putting America through a series of tests.
The first test was, will they vote for a man with Muslim roots, Marxist friends and whose middle name is Hussein, seven years after Muslim radicals killed 3000 people.
The second test was, will they allow me to take over the private sector, banking and auto industry.
Third test, will they pass a healthcare bill virtually taking over the lives of every American. Will they not ask questions about my association with SEIU, and othe corrupt unions. Will they go along with spreading their wealth.
Well we passed his test proving we are sheep. We are his.

POWERSBOOTHEFAN knows Blacker equals speaking with bad grammar

‘Blacker’? You mean ignorant?

“You is the father”

“You is dumb”

“Obama is they president”

“The child is mines”

quickquiver has learned about Obama's secret Asian-Afghanistan-Heroin-Disney World...I have no idea.

Rich unnamed Asian supposedly helped fund the 9/11 terrorists too, but I read it here at FR. Since 0bomber is a Chinese agent, (remember the deep kiss with an unknown Asian women at the closed Disney World), clearing the playing field MO, Afghanistan is payoff to the Chinese. Heroin is for the zombie Jihadis and crazy world leaders sons to get crazy on. Saddam’s sons remember.

You can learn a lot at FR as long as you are aware of the planted stories and posts.

wita shows how Free Republic is actually moderate.

Left wingers are all alike be they Communists, leftists, fascists, progressives, socialists, marxists, Nazis. They stand for government run amuck, meaning tyranny which is on the far left of the political scale. The far right side of the political scale is no government at all which is spelled Anarchy. At the balance point or center of the scale reside normal people believing in a balance of government and law, vs either of the two extremes on the scale tyranny or anarchy the first occupying the far left, and the second occupying the far right.

The Alinsky tactic of accusing the middle of the balance beam of being extreme right, does not fit at all, but the left, and their media sheep sure love the sound of it.

Step 1: compress the entire authoritarian spectrum onto the left. Ignore Freepers' social authoritarianism.
Step 2: create some weird strawman for the right side of the spectrum.

You know you're extreme when it takes two fallacies to make you seem normal!

Nervous Tick combats being asked for a Facebook password by a staggering amount of entitled douchebagery.

(You really don’t get how this works, do you? No wonder there are so many unemployed yutes — I think folks have forgotten HOW to be employed.)

Here’s a hint. Director and VP-level candidates aren’t asked for their Facebook passwords. (At least not at the first interview.)

Dime-a-dozen GenX and Millenial entry-level employees who have an over-inflated sense of their self-worth from too many years of “esteem building” in public schools? Yeah, I’d like to see your facebook, if you don’t mind.

rcrngroup has a new nickname for Obama, and he's going to be sure to use it!
0dumb0sh_t is a RAT bastard, socialist-fascist commie pig, and the rest of the demonic demoRATs are equally as bad. God help us if we cannot vote out 0dumb0sh_t in Nov 2012. Our country really will then be in its’ last 4 years as a nominally free nation. What a RAT bastard commie pig 0dumb0sh_t is!
Bellflower realizes the only way non-Freeper America doesn't hate Obama is because of Satan.
Historians of the future will scratch their heads in astonishment that America allowed itself to be bamboozled by a demented racialist poseur and con artist who was never qualified to hold the office.

It REALLY doesn't make a lot of sense. You have got to wonder what is driving it, other than Satan himself. Where did they get all of this control? How come the people that are suppose to be the Conservatives seem so impotent and do not seem to have a grip on anything?

We must all call out to God.
chris37 takes Free Republic's assault on reality to it's logical conclusion - Buddhism!

Believe me, I am tryng very, very hard not to be naive.

It has become quite clear to me that my entire world is nothing but a manufactured illusion.

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