Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liberal women plan a sex strike

It's like a geyser. Freepers' sexism must have been so pressurized, once the Sandra Fluke thing tapped it, it's going to keep going for quite a while.

It could be coincidence, but I have a number of misogynist threads coming up. The first is Freepers' response to "Liberal Ladies Who Lunch" planning a sex strike. A bit silly for a liberal organization, I'll grant you. Freepers analyze the situation.

Basically, liberal women take no pleasure from sex, and are also whores:

NoLibZone says withholding sex makes you a whore:
What’s the term used for people who preform sex to get things they want?
freedomfiter2 agrees:
These are liberal women, they’re already whores at heart.
InsidiousMongo also thinks liberal women are all about sex for drugs:
When their supply of marijuana and heroin runs low, the dirty hippie girls will open them right back up again in San Francisco.
kearnyirish2 sees desperate liberal women everywhere:
I see liberal women out begging for it; I guess they can convince themselves they’re “saving themselves” because nobody wants to marry or breed with them.
Taxbilly is under the impression 3/4 of liberal women are lesbians:
Does that go for the lesbian crowd, or does this only effect the other 25% of the liberal women?
Sir Clancelot:
1. This is just one week where the Rachel Maddow’s of this world have an excuse not to be with a man.

2. Rush Limbaugh was right.
Sarah Barracuda jabs that no one wants sex with liberal women:
Their husbands are relieved..now they are not forced to actually sleep with them
Sir Clancelot has had enough with misogyny! It's time for racist jokes!
This strike may cause the Dems to lose the Hispanic vote.

What, no sex on Cinco de Mayo? I’m not voting with theeez Beeches.
The Working Man knows liberal women don't really enjoy sex:
As far as I am concerned they are just expressing out loud the policy they, (Liberal Women), have been following for most of my life.

Sex was always a tool to get a man, or a tool to hold over a man for his good behavior.
oldfart was such a stud his first wife couldn't get enough:
My first wife once threatened to “cut me off” over some minor difference of opinion. I shrugged and told her she would only be cutting herself off - not me.

She reconsidered.
arrdon 'jokes' liberal women would all be killed if they weren't good for screwin:
Well, hell; if they didn’t have that wet spot to begin with, there would be a bounty on every one of em’.

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