Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not looking good for the Individual Mandate

The five conservative Justices on the Supreme Court seem to be buying into the anti-Obamacare framing of the individual mandate. Freepers alternate between skepticism and howling triumph:

Mangia E Statti Zitto cannot believe it:
Forgive me, but after three years of this lying, despicable cabal, I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. I can’t believe they’re throwing in the towel this easily.
Mad Dawgg trusts nothing he hears at all!
I'll believe CNN when the law is actually struck down by SCOTUS.

And even then I will be skeptical.

Bottom line: The Main Stream Media doesn't report News...

They spread propaganda.
FedsRStealingOurCountryFromUs is sure - Obama is totally going to overrule the Supreme Court.
This is why 0bama must go. He will ignore the SCOTUS’ ruling if overturned and wait until AFTER he’s elected to publicly state his intent to proceed with 0bamacare. He’ll have more “FLEXIBILITY” at that point, right?
SoFloFreeper agrees:
the Obama regime doesn’t give a damn about judicial decisions that go against them. They ignored the first judge who ruled it unconstitutional...and they ignored the judge who ruled against their drilling moratorium.

They don’t care about the law.

freeangel doesn't trust the Supreme Court after they didn't weigh in on the dozens of Birther theories.

Until I hear the toilet flushing, I won’t believe that this will be delared unconstitutional by a panel of judges that wouldn’t touch eleigibility issues for fear of reprisal by the king.

fightin kentuckian is worried Sotomayor is going to kill and replace the other Justices, or something.
I believe that Sotomayer is just as much as a radical activist as obama with a “union thug gene” deep in her genome.

I believe that Sotomayer will try to sway other Justices behind closed doors. I believe that she will be in touch with the obama adminstration giving them a blow by blow on how the decision is coming along. In short she is a mole.

I believe that if the opinion doesn’t go her way that she will try to fiddle with the final text in order to achieve her end.

Look at her track record if you don’t believe that sotomayer is capable of that. She is a non apologetic racist who will have her way and do anything to get her way.

Sotomayer is key, someone must keep an eye on her and keep her in check. (Kind of reminds me of John Carpenters “The Thing” with Kirt Russel)

Lady Lucky has this contentless bumper sticker.

Cost shifting was the little socialism. Obamacare is the great socialism.

FlyingEagle will not be satisfied unless the losers are jailed.

The very fact that communist medical care is being debated in the United States Supreme Court illustrates that this formerly free republican society has pushed passed its peak and is in terminal decline.

Obama, Biden, Reid, and Pelosi, along with Sebilius, should be immediately sequestered and held in prison without bail, on charges of violation of their oaths of office, while under impeachment and sentencing procedures for this fraud, a very costly fraud, perpetuated on the American people.

What is there to debate in court? The Obamacare tax ripoff is ipso facto unconstitutional in every aspect. Summary judgement should be issued and the whole idiocy ended except for the extended imprisonment or other punishment of the seditious and traitorous behavior of the nations highest officers.


  1. Do you ever wonder what's in those comments that are removed by the Moderator at Free Republic?

    I used a little program called Snipping Tool to get a photo of comment #10 on this thread just before it disappeared.

    It reads,

    "Its time for the KKK to put a bounty on Obamas head?"

    Way to go, LC Gladiator. You are so freaking crazy that even Free Republic thinks you are out of line.

  2. It just so happens I was watching Rush on TV the night he compared Chelsea Clinton to a dog.

    "Well, you are both lying, unattractive whores, so I’m OK with that.
    8 posted on Thu Mar 29 2012 12:20:18 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time) by Maverick68"

    There has been much talk lately about the Republican war on women. Here is proof. Rush did indeed insult Chelsea Clinton and he did insult Miss Fluke, there is no question about it. Maverick68 is either lying or stupid. Take your pick.

    It's war on women. Always has been, you feminazis.

    Even the Freeperettes get shouted down.