Monday, March 12, 2012

Freepers on the "Invisible Children" video.

Freepers are weirdly contrarian when it comes to international sympathy. I'm not sure why, but they reflexively blame the victim, champion the cause of the villain, or question the very existence of whatever the tragedy is.

So it really shouldn't have taken me this long to look up Freepers' response to the "Invisible Children" child soldiers video, especially given Rush Limbaugh's involvement, peripheral though it may be:

Cringing Negativism Network thinks Obama is behind the video:
Glenn Beck was talking about this video yesterday, and how it’s aimed Goebbels style at youth.

He was speculating, the Obama administration may be behind the video, and that it may mean another Muslim Brotherhood coup is about to be justified.
Quix thinks this kidnapping child rapist is about like the US Mainstream Media:
Pretending that Kony is over there in 'darkest Africa' and doesn't really have anything to do with us . . . is nonsense.

The same evil is ruling all the Western developed Nations and every other nation of any significance and virtually all of insignificant stature.

Just because such evil prances around in fashionable clothes; controls the Marxist Stream Media; controls the universities and schools; controls the political charades and system; clothes itself in color and sham . . . does NOT make it harmless nor neutral. Disguised it is even more insideous. At least Kony is starkly what he is--the worst example of human garbage currently available.

Folks just as sold out to satan as Kony is are ruling in D.C., London, New York, Moscow, Teheran, Mecca, and around the world.

And they have just as ruthless a set of plans for the populace of the nation and the world at large as Kony enjoys furthering.

Wake-up folks.

Please wake-up.
dfwgator doesn't care about child soldiers, unless they're Muslims, or talked to Obama once:
If only they directed their energy towards Mugabe, or the Muzzie terrorists in Nigeria.

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  1. In this case the Freepers aren't so much a stopped clock that's right once a day so much as a clock whose hands have fallen off and are thus unable to hit any of the wrong numbers. The producers of the Kony 2012 video are personally working together with the Ugandan government, which itself is guilty of every single crime that Kony himself is, and on an even larger scale.

    Beyond that, Joseph Kony has not been in Uganda for years -- he's in the Congo, which Uganda has previously attempted to invade for the Congo's resources. This video is pure propaganda drumming up support for a US-backed Ugandan invasion of the Congo, and thanks to the cast of Glee and Justin Bieber it's succeeding.