Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama's secret Internet kill switch

One of Obama's daughters is on a school trip to Mexico. Some news agencies reported the story, and then took it down, due to long-standing practice that Presidential kids are off-limits.

Freepers, though, know such courtesies are just another tool of Obama's Nazi regime:

LibertyLA loved the War on Terror till it was used to protect Obama's daughters:

I could care less about the spring break.

What I see as scary is that the “free” press can be manipulated this easily - stories erased in a flash. Never saw this in any administration before.

This is getting creepier and creepier. This isn’t the America I know.

This crazy security super paranoia is just plain un-american and unconstitutional.

This endless war on everything seems to be having only one effect. We are losing our freedoms.

And I thought we had these wars to keep our freedoms... was I a fool to believe that? I am feeling sick to my stomach.

wolficatZ thinks all Freepers who don't post Obama's kids security info are secret liberals or something:

Watching “freepers” fall right into lockstep behind this horrific totalitarian state, under the guise of the “leave the kids alone” mantra, is downright disgusting and frightening.

Don’t let “rah rah rah” screen names and Bush pictures on their profile fool you; all is not what it seems.

RC51 is sure this is a test of Obama's Secret Internet Kill Switch!

This is a big deal people. Evidently the Administration has an internet Kill Switch. My theory is that the “Malia in Mexico” story is a dry run. The Homeland Security themselves probably put the story out there, let it spread for a few hours, then tested their Kill Switch to evaluate its effectiveness. I’m surprised this thread hasn’t been pulled already. Look beyond the innocuous baby Obama in Mexico line. This event is huge and needs to be fully brought out into the light of day.

Noob1999 expects Obama to fake an attack on his daughter:

Just think of the press that Zer0 could get, if a few gun shots went off within two miles of his revered daughter! ???

Just think how the RATS could construe a local Mexican uprising into a “hillary moment” dodging bullets with daughter Chelsea; “whew, just got ot with our lives!”

cblue55 thinks rich private school kids are royalty:

Why is a 13 year old having a Spring Break, in the first place??- - - - —

.......... because she can. She’s royalty, don’t ya know?

Dengar01 knows what high school spring break trips are like...

And you couldn't pay me to step foot in Mexico.

I never did a "Spring Break" trip. All I heard from folks I knew who went on these trips were drunks, trying to get high and have sex with as many people possible. Sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids.
Candor7 laments how the Secret Service don't let you post on the security of the First Family:

It is not a good idea to comment at all here at Free Republic on the security measures of the President’s family. This is because the Secret Service monitors postings on Free republic, and therefore it can involve a high degree of personal risk if one comments in a way which poses a prima facie security risk to the travel party involved.

You could get a knock on your door. We have a nationalist socialist as president. Think carefully about it, or if you post, think very carefully about what you say.

Unless you are running a sophisticated IP address security program, your IP address is readily available to the Secret Service, and a trace to your physical location could take only a very few minutes.

Beware the wages of totalitarianism now investing our nation.

mojitojoe is glad Drudge, at least, is uncowed:

Well Matt Drudge seems to be going after the usurper in chief again, so he has redeemed himself a little. Now of he would just knock it off with the love affair with Mittens.

Oldeconomybuyer's Internet got scrubbed:

Looks like my Internet got scrubbed today too.

Thanks ACORN! You too KARL.

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  1. It's fun to watch Freepers freak out over the very thing liberals tried to warn them about during the Bush years. Even if they are being extremely paranoid about it.