Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Pix

Clearly, Obama just isn't taking Afghanistan seriously enough.

Soros's head seems to have shrunk.

Obama's such an evil, Communist gay baby.

I wonder how long Freepers will beat the dead Kennedy-horse.

Or how long this will go on for...

Passive-aggressive partisan sticky-notes, the new SuperPAC?

Obama looks like the guy from "The Wall" here.

He just keeps going and going and going.


  1. I thought the freepers liked war, though.

  2. "So the next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it's complete BS." --Bill O'Reilly

    1. George Bush, recent President, used to say that he didn't have a magic wand. You can look that up.

      World oil prices would not be much affected even if we suddenly discovered a way to pull that oil out of the shale out West at reasonable prices.

      OK, I understand that the Republicans want to make an issue of this, it's politics. But there is no magic wand. The closest thing to that was President Bush holding hands and kissing with a Saudi Prince. You can look that up too. It's true.

      The American oil fields are mostly depleted. Off shore oil is there for the taking but if you have been awake these past few years, we had a gigantic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, so of course, we had to stop and make sure that didn't happen again. Life on the Gulf Coast needs some love too. When I go to Brennan's for breakfast in New Orleans, I would kind of like to think I am not eating crude oil.

      But reality does not match up very well with Freeper politics. Last I heard the President is a super secret Muslin and also somehow a communist whose mission as a red diaper baby was to destroy America and give reparations to all the black guys who are going to impregnate our daughters by force if necessary. But force won't be necessary because they are all sluts. Or so says Rush Limbaugh. It's so confusing. What the hell is a red diaper baby anyway? Are Muslins circumscribed? How can you tell? It goes around and around at Free Republic.

      OK, it seems to go like this - Saul Alinsky had a love baby with Ayn Rand and then the Transformers and the Klingons battled it out with the Federation in the primaries and in the end the ghost of Richard Nixon won and re-installed wage and price controls.

      Gasoline was once again 33 cents a gallon and nobody cared because the past was the future and those pesky Negroes knew their place again. St. Ann of Coulter vanquished the Not-Romneys and was burned at the stake. Jabba the Hut Limbaugh took too many blue pills and had to go to the hospital for a 4 hour erection after he had failed once again to satisfy his 4th wife.

      If only there were a magic wand to make everything better. President Bush couldn't find it and even President Obama, whom Rush called the magic negro, couldn't find it. Where is it?

      Why can't we have magic in this country? Everyone repeat after me. USA, USA, USA, USA.

      Every time you call the President a Muslin an angel gets a free coffee at Starbucks. Keep chanting. USA, USA, USA, USA.

      WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

      USA, USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      By the way, one of the most disgusting things that has happened lately in American politics was the reaction of the Santorum crowd to the protest of 2 gay guys. They decided to kiss in protest. They were thrown out and the crowd loudly chanted, "USA, USA, USA, USA!"

      That was freaking disgusting.

  3. Hey Ozy,

    Another rich thread..

    Comment of the thread: "I don’t understand it, and it pisses me off. You’re correct about the liberalism though. It’s “cool” to have a black boyfriend. That puts her off my list forever."

    I only date white women that maintain racial purity. Sieg Heil.

  4. Dear Freepers,

    Let's get this over once and for all. Run Santorum and let's see who wins.

    If America wants a theocrat, it's fine by me. Run him. Don't run that lukewarm Mitt. Nobody even knows what Mitt's values are. Run Santorum. Let's get this over with so we can go forward. Let's see who wins.