Monday, March 19, 2012

Race Mixing

A hidden gem uncovered by one of my teeming horde of Anonymous commenters:

Britain's Mail Online has a story where a 17-year-old boy killed his girlfriend. But this boy was Pakistani, so they spin it as a Muslim honor killing. Race bating for ratings, and Freepers jerk their knee like they are supposed to.

But it's not the Muslim hate that makes this thread special, it's not even the victim blaming. It's the condemnation of white girls mating outside their race:

Venturer has decided the victim is a slut:

I always say the man who gets one of these women is in bad company.

Still , it doesn’t give some heathen Muslim a right to kill her, even if she was a slut.

EEGator knows only white men treat their women right:
Too many white girls are f’ing stupid. Dating muslims in Britain, and thugs in America. I guess they like being treated like crap.
yank in the UK blames liberalism for white women's miscegenation:

What is it with white women? Is there another group of women in the world that are abandoning their counterparts like they do? Liberalism has taught them well

EEGator agrees - liberalism is to blame for all these dark boys getting with our white women!

I don’t understand it, and it pisses me off. You’re correct about the liberalism though. It’s “cool” to have a black boyfriend. That puts her off my list forever.


  1. Should we start using the acronym BDYDCTR - But Don't You Dare Call Them Racists - just to save time?

  2. Misogyny, racism, and islamophobia in one convenient thread? It's a microcosm of Free Republic!