Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama: “If I Had A Son He'd Look Like Trayvon”

Freepers have been a bit unsure how to come down in the Zimmerman-Treyvon shooting case. Then Obama weighed in with sympathy for the victim.

At last Freepers know what to think:

cuban leaf immediately sees Obama's true agenda:

O. M. G.

That man is TRYING to foment racial civil war. This is unbelieveable. Can he really be that stupid, or is this intentional?

mmanager agrees - this is Obama's martial law plan:

I’ve said it on other threads that Obama is going to fuel the fire and sit back and watch the riots through the summer. He will call in the National Guard and will be “forced” to call marshall law just in time for the elections. This is going to get out of hand throughout the country.

tcrlaf is sure violence is nigh:

Obama has been desperately trying to fire up his black base, with something that will get them to the polls in 2012.


I called this last year, though I didn’t know what the trigger would be. Thank MSNBC for anyone who gets hurt over this, folks.

littleharbour adds some antisemitism to the mix:
The name “Zimmerman” screams “white Jew”, which is who I thought this involved until I read this thread on FD. You can bet the Dems will focus on the name, not on any photo, because it is so easy to create the image of a rich white guy targeting a poor black kid.
PzLdr is one of many, many Freepers to bring up that white kid who got minor burns from some older black hooligans.

One can assume by his silence that Il Douche wouldn’t consider any son of his looking like the white kid set on fire by two blacks who called him “Whitey” and told him be was getting what he deserved in an attack which had absolutely NOTHING to do with self-defense.

But one can see how Obozo couldn’t believe that any son of his could look like THAT boy. It wasn’t like Barry’s mother was white, or anything.

1. Obama's son would be white? You fail genetics forever.
2. The police are actually investigating that crime, unlike Zimmerman
3. No one died, or was even majorly injured in the gasoline case

Whatever, I can already see this is becoming the new BLAAAACK PAAANTHERS.

Excuse_My_Bellicosity focuses on the "son" part.

If Zero had a son, he’d still be a homo.

steve8714 also can't stop thinking about how gay Obama is:
“If I had a son, he’d look like (the sperm donor we found for Michelle because I wouldn’t touch that breeder ass, I prefer the Mangina).
There, I fixed it.
carriage_hill takes the 'son' thing in a different direction:

Obama: “If I Had A Son He’d Look Like Trayvon”

No he wouldn’t; he’d look like commie Frank Davis, your daddy, 0bummer.

No Surrender No Retreat has a weird definition of black liberation theory:

It is called black liberation theory justice and or ghetto justice. Regardless of self-defence, gotta get whitey for shooting a bro, who was trying to beat him to death. Sad, but true, one cannot educate the educateless.


Anyhow, a number of commenters were blaming critical race theory for this incident somehow.

sickoflibs notices things no one else does:

Have you noticed they havent blamed Palin for this? They are blaming Rush and Newt instead,

Watch as Phantom Phixer takes down a strawman!
Yesterday, on the national news a “spokesman” for the New black panther Party attending the mob scene in Sanford said on the air—”we want Zimmerman (who’s in hiding)If the cops won’t go after him—we’ll go and get him ourselves”

OK—the cops, at this point aren’t going to go get him-because he hasn’t been charged with anything—isn’t the Black Panther calling to take the law into his own hands—same thing that’s wrong when Zimmerman supposedly did it?

“Well, yeah, but this is different—the Panther has a right to vigilante justice—Zimmerman murdered one of his own and he’s getting away with it due to racism”

Oh-OK I’m a white man—in 1994 OJ Simpson murdered two of “my own” Nicole and Ron—and he got off thanks to black racism—does that mean I could have went after OJ? Or a Klan/skinhead could be worshipfully interviewed by the media about taking matters into their own hands with OJ?

“Yeah, but that’s different”....

My ass, it is.

Yeah, liberals are all behind the six nutjobs what make up the New Black Panthers! Actually, vigilante justice is more Freepers' thing.

Colonel_Flagg susses out Obama's real plan to get Zimmerman off!

Congratulations, Baraq. You just tainted every potential jury pool in the United States. Or was that what you WANTED?

Typical_Whitey knows Obama is *obviously* the real racist!
Obviously Obama hates Hispanics and thinks they are racist against blacks... This crime had nothing to do with RACE it is just being used to gin up a phony racist strawman so the race baiters on the left can use it to attack Republicans,
no-to-illegals thinks Mexico is a counterexample to anything Obama says from now on.
this from a zer0 that sent his own child into the drug infested streets of mexico. What a zer0!
It's interesting how Freepers were not nearly as gung-ho white-power about this till Obama entered the scene. He's like some kind of ultra-racism-magnet for people who are already kinda racist.


  1. What is this "race war" idea that is so often mentioned at Free Republic?

    How many Americans do you know who want to kill people on the basis of skin color?

    This is such an outdated, racist idea that I'm surprised these ignorant old goobers still use it. It leaves me flummoxed. This is Charles Manson shit.

    1. It's their persecution complex. It's also the reason I love reading FR so much. You will never, I repeat never, see this sentiment on FR: "That was awful, this has nothing to do with the left or the right, I think we can all work together to make this better." You also will never see the sentence "I apologize." If the moniker Internet Hate Machine wasn't already taken by 4Chan, FR would be the clear owner of it.