Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Violence against Women Act is a Democratic Plot

In a clever move, Democrats plotted for the Violence against Women Act to be renewed in 2012, after previous renewals in 2005 and 2000.

So now the Republican do-nothing Congress is up against it. And Freepers mount a scattered and weak defense:

G Larry wants you to look a this distraction:
oh....I thought the “war on women” referred to the HALF A MILLION GIRL BABIES ABORTED in America every year since 1973
Talisker would prefer you look at this different distraction:
Hey GOP - tell the Democrats you'd be GLAD to vote for it, if it included the denial of 1st Amendment Religious Protection for any group that declares women to be property.

Then dare the Democrats to vote against THAT.
Secret Agent Man offers some awesome political advice:
I would vote against it, and when asked why, say “Well you heard the democrats, they dared me to vote against it. So I did. They are totally disengenuous on the issue, and are just using it as a political tool, so it would be offensive to actually regard their little sideshow as a serious piece of legislation.”
Leep thinks Women hate Democrats now!
I think this is a great bad move on the lefties behalf. There is already evidence it is backfiring, keep it up demwads. progress backwards!
apoxonu thinks Sandra Fluke was all part of a plan that led to this:
AH HA! Now it becomes clear. This renewal explains why the sudden battle about abortion/contraception. That was a set-up for this vote IMHO.
VAWA is one of the most unconstitutional, vile laws ever created. Under VAWA, any woman can accuse any man of abuse, without offering a shred of proof, and the police MUST arrest and charge. The burden of proof is on the accused to prove it didn't happen.

Look it up. This is why trial lawyers fought very hard for VAWA. It gave divorce lawyers a new tool after men had started winning more custody battles. Now when a woman wants a divorce, their lawyer will say, go slam a door in your face, then accuse him of battery. Automatic win for the woman with big financial rewards for the lawyer.

I looked it up. He's doubly wrong - Since 2005, VAWA suggests to the states that they have a "pro-arrest policy." Only like 6 states do.


  1. Gosh, Ozy, I occasionally complement you on a good post but you hit the ball out of the park this time.

    Thanks for this.

    We do not like people who pick on girls.

  2. "Do-nothing Congress", right 'cause the Rat Congress achieved so much from 2006-2010 /s

    And no, Bush bashing and insider trading do not count as "activities".

    You are a typical DNC lapdog.

  3. Yeah, Dems dicked around too much in the majority.


    1. Right or wrong, that has nothing to do with the current Congress' stationary stance.

    2. The Republican majority's failure to pass anything is far from gridlock, it is their stated strategy to harm Obama's politically.

    3. Like them or hate them, Obamacare, stimulus, and the Lilly Ledbetter act ain't nothing.

  4. As a women who has been in a abusive marriage This really hurts and brings to the surface all the pain and humiliation I endured before there were such laws, Republicans are playing politics with the lives of women and children. I really hurts that anyone could be so cruel.