Friday, March 30, 2012

Uncle Slayton - Free Republic's own Humpty Dumpty

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."

Another 'special' Freeper I'm shocked I missed. He takes Humpty Dumpty a step further and applies it to reality as well as words. This guy's self-delusion is incredible.

He's the only Freeper to fall for an obviously doctored video of Obama, supposedly acting drunk.
The video is almost two years old and MSM has been hiding the video all this time.
On Hoodies:

I think you may be underestimating the Power and the Fear of the Hoodie.

Having an odd definition of 'traces.'

Traces of marijuana could mean anything from several ounces to a couple hundred pounds. We just don’t know and the MSM is not helping.

On how Chelsea Clinton chose to be Clinton' daughter.

Sorry Chelsea, but you and Sandra Fluke both chose to be in the public spotlight and therefore are fair game for Rush Limbaugh to discuss and call sluts or dogs or whatever he wishes.

On putting abortion doctors on Wanted Posters, as compared to the New Black Panthers' attention-whoring:
The Wanted Posters published by the Pro Life Activists were intended to Protect Life of the Unborn, while the Wanted Posters published by Black Panther Terrorists were intended to cause harm or death to Capt. Zimmerman.
Of course he's a birther:
Good work!
Finally, someone has indisputable proof that Obama was in fact born in Kenya.
His theories about gas prices:
In August of 2008 gas was at $4.00 a gallon and then Sarah Palin demanded that we Drill Here Drill Now, and gas prices immediately dropped to $1.95 a gallon.
His idea to use racism in defense of Zimmerman:
“Black teenagers shoot black teenagers all the time.”
And Captain Zimmmeman knew that fact when he was apprehending Travon and if charged can use that as a defense.
Obama has many, many wars:

Gov. Haley is a victim of not only a partisan witch hunt or Obama, but a victim of the Obama War on women, Christians and people of Indian backgrounds.

His own views on women:

Repeal the 19th.

On how Treyvon's twitter posts deserve the death penalty:

Joe ignores the fact that Trayvon’s Thug Twitter posting had direct causation as to why Trayvon was out so late at night and likely give us insight as to why Trayvon was out that late wearing a hoodie.
Neighborhood Watch Captain Zimmerman was able to quickly identify Trayvon’s motives and acted to protect his body and property from a thug who Zimmerman determined was up to no good.
It's always "Captain Zimmerman" too. Weird.

His response to White Supremacists breaking into Trayvon's twitter account and changing the password to 'niggerniggernigger.'

Sorry, Trayvon Martin is dead and does not have privacy rights to to Internet accounts.

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  1. Captain Zimmerman. Too weird indeed.

    1. That made me do a double take when I read it.

    2. Glad I'm not the only one to get the jibblies from his use of the term "captain."

  2. It's like right wing talking points and misogyny are literally the only thing this man has floating around in his head.

  3. Could he be a troll? It is so hard to tell.

  4. If this person is real, they have serious issues. Like, even worse than most FReepers.

  5. I still think savagesusie takes the cake as the craziest freeper. What do you think ozy ?

  6. First, in the fullness of time, I feel like this guy is a troll. He's just too spot-on one step beyond everyone else in every thread.

    But these Freepers are all like my crazy children, it's hard to pick! Though savagesusies is totally the red-headed-stepchild.

    FFRanco's revisionist history spiced with an obsession with manliness?
    Frantzie's focused anti-TV mania?
    savagesusie's faith-fueled apocalyptic vision is impressive, but I feel like not as unique when you examine fundie boards.
    butterdezillion loves every single right-wing conspiracy she's every seen, and
    Rome2000 rages that we're not a military dictatorship.

  7. my voter for craziest freeper goes to butterdezillion. I don't believe a woman can live a normal life with her level of paranoia !

  8. Oh, I don't know. Uncle Slayton could just as easily be a real crazy person. There are a lot of them. I hate to pick out just one place but have you ever been to Oklahoma? Good grief. I could not believe those folks and they were not trolls.

  9. I'm calling Poe's Law on this guy. However, it's a damn good example because he's just believable enough as a crazy to make you think twice about it.