Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Pix

Alas, gas prices don't seem to be working, Freepers. Feel free to keep the crazy up just in case, though!


It's like they've lost all control.

This must be old. I like Rahm's glowing eyes, though.

Well done. Iconic looking. Crazy eyes, though.

I don't usualy post editorial cartoons, but I like the scenario here. Various cable news channels and websites, using the axe of the Mainstream Media, eviscerated the trenchcoated man who is Journalism, while delivering a super-boring catchphrase.

It may look boring, but this is so good when you think about it! In leu of skepticism, Freepers council you go ad-hominem.


They didn't even bother to make Obama's head black and white.


  1. As a high-level, Soros-funded Dem strategist, I can officially confirm that the Sandra Fluke controversy was created by Dictator-for-Life Obama to distract people from the murder of Andrew Breitbart. We owe the success of this plot to the crypto-liberal moles Darrell Issa and Rush Limbaugh, who carefully coordinated their efforts to make the GOP look like a bunch of hopelessly out-of-touch, paternalistic, authoritarian schmucks who hate women, sex and science.

    Don't believe me? Just read "Rules for Radicals." It's all in there! Sux 2BU, FReepers!

    1. You're not supposed to tell them that! *Sigh* Now I'm going to have to tell George Soros that the whole operation has been compromised. You'd better hope he has a backup plan!