Monday, March 19, 2012

Sapping our Precious Bodily Fluids

Rick Santorum has said he's going to enforce the anti-porn laws Obama won't. Freepers are amusingly split on the issue, but the conversation soon devolves into an even more amusing porn-as-Communist conspiracy.

Dr. Strangelove lives!

GeronL knows what all porn is

Always amazing how many Freepers have no problem with kiddie porn

org.whodat is confused by why people like porn:
I have no problem with beautiful nude women, but I have no desire to look at a women having sex, and cannot under stand the male perverts that do. And as to those that like kiddie porn, the Romans had a cure for that. Something to-do with a pike.
org.whodat tries to puzzle out why people put sex scenes into movies:
Have never understood the movies and their desire to have one bedroom sex scene. Why, so the queer director can look at the male actor?? The only reason I can come up with.withstand
Maryhere also thinks TV is too dirty nowadays:
You cannot watch a TV show any more without seeing porn in the way women dress (or undress)or in what vile language is used. I am all for him talking up the fact that this president doesn’t care how porn is destroying our society. People are so used to seeing this stuff that they don’t bat an eye.
Then we have the hard porn which is going rampant causing attacks and murders of our younsters. Open your eyes and see what’s going on.
jacknhoo is sure America is all pedophiles now:
Rick Santorum dares to acknowledge, we have one big filthy cesspool of a nation of sex addicts and perverts all with one goal in mind and heart - our children.

It is obvious, pornography has a death grip on many of the commenters of this post, too. And, I do mean death grip, both physically and spiritually. Why else would anyone deny that this is a most important issue.

heh, grip.

Whats-wrong-with-the-truth has a new test of obscenity:
Dining on porn is a character flaw and those that do are neither "good" or "honorable." How many of those you know that watch porn would or do watch it in front of their children? Answer: NONE! If it's so "good" and "ok" why don't they? And if they were watching porn with their children would you say there are no crimes being committed?
Also outlawed - having sex!

reasonisfaith lays out why porn is the Marxist favored weapon:

1) Watching pornography triggers a very powerful brain response.

2) This brain response causes specific types of behavior patterns.

3) These behaviors have both long and short term effects on the lives of individuals, including all the suffering, sorrow and strife associated with premarital sex, single motherhood, divorce, pedophilia and the general breakup of families.

Change your 0.0005 to a 10. And realize that pornography is a weapon of the cultural and political marxists in their war against America.

Joe 6-pack also knows the Communist Porn Agenda:
Communists are entirely clear on how critical it is to debase and undermine traditional morality in order to implement their economic and governing philosophies.

Sadly, it appears fewer and fewer conservatives understand the nexus between the two.
ohioWfan wants you to know - when you watch porn, you watch with Stalin!

The Communist goal was to brainwash the masses and destroy America's's morality (and it actually goes back to Stalin in the 1930's).

They obviously succeeded, as even among some who consider themselves 'conservative' believe that morality doesn't matter, and that liberty equals license. (What is this 'consenting adult' stuff when you're dealing with teenaged girls who have been trafficked and are now in porn films??)

I can't believe how far downhill we have gone since I joined up here 11 years ago. The defense of pornography here is absolutely frightening.


  1. I guess org.whodat doesn't know that it was common practice for Roman soldiers to have young boys as sex slaves. But I do hope that the Republicans start running on an anti-porn platform. The result would be a 50-state Obama blowout!

  2. In summary: "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!"^10,000.