Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obama complains FOX News isn't exactly fair

Freepers love to comp0lain about the media. Obama doing so ("Fed by Fox News, they hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7, and it begins to seep in…The Republicans have been at this for 40 years. They have new resources, but the strategy is old,” ) is totally awful, though:

Olog-hai thinks complaining about the media makes you weak:

No wonder the US’ enemies perceive him as weak. It’s not mere perception . . . this is sad.

doc1019 agrees, vehemently:
This guy is such a wuss, girlyman idiot. MAN up you POS., just once.
Lancey Howard thinks FOX does nothing:

I don’t get it - - Ubama thinks that if not for Fox News, Americans would embrace communism?
Ubama is a clueless POS, and I don’t need Fox News to tell me that.

NoLibZone thinks the vast majority of Americans watch FOX:

Then he admits there are far more conservatives than there are liberals.

No one watching and accepting what Fox reports is a liberal.

FormerACLUmember has the real number, but fails recent history:

Less than 5% of people watch Fox News on any day.

These folks and the Fox Network ruined the economy?

I dunno, seems unlikely. Could the real fault be SOMEONE ELSE?

Yes, the economy crashed in Obama's term!!

SuziQ knows FOX is the one with the Power of Truth!
Horse Hockey! He may have a point that Fox will allow news stories that other networks don't tend to cover, and folks learning that information will tend to look at Obama more critically. But that's just the power of truth; too bad Obama can't handle it.
D-fendr needs no evidence:

It is obvious, IMHO, that Obama and Media Matters conspired against Fox in a coordinated political campaign. Media Matters tax status forbids this.

It is obvious, IMHO do not go together.

LtKerst is sure white males never vote for Obama:

Obama reportedly said he was “losing white males” who watch Fox

How can you “loose” what you NEVER had?

AlexW hates how fair FOX is:

If you go on the crazy Topix Foruns, you find most of the
young Commie leftist refer to FOX as FAUX News.
Just because FOX is not as Marxist as the old Radio Albania, it must be bad.
These people watch only PMSNBC and CNN (Commie News Network).

As for myself, I get sick of the leftist that are on FOX every day, but that is what makes it fair and balanced.
The Obots demand all socialist and radical left, all the time.


  1. So much derp... it's like a Category 5 Derpicane.

    I predict lots of mental breakdowns after the next election. Hopefully Ocommie-care covers therapy.

  2. So they must think that Bush was really a pussy for freezing out MSNBC, as Dana Perino admitted. Also any Republican who complained about MSNBC at all. After all, we know that Freepers are not hypocrites, right?