Friday, March 30, 2012

Theocracy Now

Dr. Teeth strikes again!

A Canadian woman was arrested for entering a Toronto abortion clinic and "offering pro-life counseling."

The judge threw her in jail, saying among other things, "Your determination to break the law is a potential threat to the well-being of society and plants the seeds of lawlessness, perhaps even anarchy … You are unable to accord some civility and respect to others. Your view in law is wrong.”

This seems a perfectly legitimate civil disobedience case. But there is a specific bunch of especially extreme Freepers who recognize no laws other than Gods, and pro-life martyr threads like this are just the place to find them!

Absolutely Nobama lays down the law:

My God just happens to have created the universe.

What did this bozo ever do ? Collect a State salary ? Mumble a bunch of jibberish no one will remember or care about in a 100 years ?

DaveyB knows a judge's duty:
The judge is not above God, he is not a god, he is under God and will answer to Him.

His duty is first to God and them to civic law.
Uncle Slayton' better world has more beatings and thoughtcrime than I would think.

In a better world, the atheist would be beaten by the parishioners and sent to prison by the judge and the doctors, staff and women having abortions would be convicted of capital murder.

slumber1 naivety champions property rights in the middle of all this:

I’m not an abortion supporter but I wonder how we’d react if an atheist came into a church and started passing out atheist literature. Would the church members not have the right to remove him from the property? Someone explain to me how this is any different.

Nervous Tick doesn't much like the uniform application of law, so he's decided to be a dick:

I don’t know where *you* worship, but in *my* congregation they don’t sign in those in the lobby and then take them back behind the altar rail and kill their babies.

I’d respectfully submit *that* as a difference.

556x45 knows Real Christians don't apply trespass laws, they just talk to any asshole who waltzes in:
I see you didnt think that one thru. :D I rather suspect they would invite him to sit and hear what they had to say. Its a ready made opportunity to preach the Gospel. Even tho the press portrays Christians as bigots not willing to hear its really just a bunch of projection. Its really the left thats narrow and unwilling. I think you need to show up at church more often...then you wouldnt ask such questions. :)
I guess he didn't read the "beat the hell out of all atheists" guy.
slumber1 follows up:
a representative of Planned Parenthood walks into a pro-life counseling center and starts handing out pro abortion material. And lets say for good measure that it is her sincere and deeply held belief that she is doing good by offering these women a way out of their pregnancy, perhaps she even believes she is in some way serving God. (I agree that she is deceived about her beliefs but that is not the point here)
achilles2000 decides a condescending reply is the right one:
You are talking about someone soliciting what should be capital murder. Thank you for playing.
Dr. Sivana also hasn't read the thread:

Most of the pro-lifers I know would welcome such a person, and a chance to educate him, as well as the mother. Our arguments are better, as they are true. We generally don’t resort to ad hominems, and completely avoid straw men. As long as the conversation continues, the mother isn’t killing her child.

Mrs. Don-o hates how trespass laws apply to everyone:
this case is different, due to lives being in imminent danger.

Do you think the purpose of law is the protection life and property (in that order)?

Or is it "the orderly administration of injustice"?
MLK "an unjust law is no law at all" used disobedience to try to change the law, he didn't just say forget about the law. 'Course, he had more skin in the game than these guys, who can just throw hypothetical stones at a society they hate.

BlackElk answers by politicizing the Holocaust:
If anyone gets their panties in a bunch over my references to Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg and cites the idiotic "Godwin's Law" that the first person to mention the Nazis loses the argument being made, my response is: Get over it. Nazism was not a unique evil in all of human history. We just (understandably) act as though it was. Abortion is not only a direct analogy to aspects of the Nazi Holocaust, but as the published research of a history professor (John Hunt) at St. Joseph's College at West Hartford, CT, has shown, several defendants at Nuremberg were prosecuted and convicted solely for perpetrating abortions.
Now, these are not your usual Freepers, their crazy is that of different message boards, and a different blog. But they are here, under the radar.


  1. Before your dumb, commie faggot ass makes comments, try reading the article. In this case, the judge told the activat pist that that her God "is wrong". That's what pissed everyone off.

    ---Absolutley Nobama

    1. Did you bother to read this post? Because the judge isn't the point.

      Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the judge's grandstanding. But I'm not a huge fan of judges neglecting the law because God tells them to.