Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Great Hemophiliac genocide

HHS might start letting gay men donate blood, now that HIV testing has gotten really good.

Without logic on their side, Freepers go blood-conspiracy!

Neoliberalnot knows HHS loves to spread infection!
Anything to spread the infections and upgrade the deviants.
Jack Hydrazine has decided politics should come above saving lives:
If that happens I’ll just stop giving blood.
Mich Patriot agrees, blood donation is a great thing to donate!
While I doubt if 3 million would boycott, your point is still a good one. All we’d have to do is offset the gay gains.
rbg81 is sure people are going to die, whether there is evidence or not!
Any poor bastard who gets infected as a result of a transfusion will be covered up. It will be silence or they will blame the victim.
crosshairs knows the Powerful will have a secret non-gay blood supply:
I’ll bet congress and barry’s cabinet will have a separate special (read: safe) supply saved in case they need blood.
Gaffer has a practical and totally sane plan:
What this tells you is if you ever have a family member needing a blood transfusion, to have friends or family donate DIRECTLY....INSIST on it. If the hospital will not allow this, INSIST on them providing you with a written statement denoting such. If they won’t provide the statement and say “take it or leave it”, stop right there and tell them you need a phone to call your lawyer - RIGHT NOW.
DarkWaters remembers some decades-old crazy:
Back during the Clinton days as governer, Vincent Foster was involved in a scheme that “donated” prisoners blood which made its way to Canada if my memory serves me right. There was a money angle in there somewhere. Some things never change.
Mears tells a cool story:
In 1984 my 21 year old heterosexual Godson,who lived in San Francisco,had an automobile accident.

He needed surgery,had a transfusion,and everything came out fine.

He was dead in a year. The blood killed him.
The best part is the total lack of details.

tcrlaf on all secret genocide:
I lost TWO good friends due to aids in tainted blood supplies duringn the Great Hemopheliac Genocide, that NO ONE in the media ever wants to mention, because it’s politicallt inncorrect to talk about.

200,000 dead Americans in a few short years, and thier memories are ERASED on the altar of Gay politics.

MOST PEOPLE DO NOT EVEN KNOW THIS HAPPENED, but they know that Reagan is to blame for the AIDS that killed all the gays.

1. It must be a great coverup, because all I find is some blog posts about Japan and France.

2. Better testing means this won't happen again.



  1. Do identifiable FReepers ever comment on this blog?

  2. Yes, but not for more than a couple of posts.

  3. Vince Foster's foolproof money making scheme:

    1. Donate prisoner blood to Canada

    2. ???

    3. $$$PROFIT$$$