Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Pill users are Sluts.

Once again, per a commenter! Don't worry folks, I'll get to all the nuggets you've sent me soon!

A Georgetown Law student testified before Congress that Georgetown's lack of coverage for The Pill means women need to pay up to 3k a year, and it sucks.

Rush Limbaugh, being particularly loathsome, characterized this as "she's having so much sex she can't afford her own birth control pills." Freepers take it from there.

Her testimony had nothing to do with her own sex life at all, from what I could see.

I don't usually get pissed off at Freepers, usually I just shake my head in disbelief, but this level of slanderous vitriol towards private individual did piss me off.

Oh boy, Lazlo in PA found a picture!
Personally, I would think her looks should be enough of a birth control.
ExSoldier inadvertently embraces an internet cliche:
She has very masculine hands. I'll bet she goes both ways. If she wants to cut down on costs for birth control, just embrace the gayness.
Mr. Impatient knows who women whose insurance covers the pill are:
No no no, the woman is a whore.
A slut gives it away for free, a whore wants to be paid.
RJS1950 is even more explicit:
True, she is currently a freebee slut but she is campaigning to have all of us pay for her sex life needs which will make her a prostitute.
If she charged her “boyfriends” for her contraception she would be a prostitute (sex for payment) and the same applies if she gets taxpayer money for contraception.
reaganaut notes that Limbaugh's quote makes no sense. Therefore this woman is an idiot.
[Fluke] testifies she’s having so much sex she can’t afford her own birth control pills,

- - - - -
Um...slut vs. whore debate aside, this woman is stupid. Birth control pills cost the same regardless of number of times a person has sex, and must be taken at least one full month before it takes effect. So, even if she wasn’t a slut, it would cost the same.

Also, Planned Parenthood only charges about $5 a month for pills (according to a friend) so the slut probably pays more for a night out than pills would cost for a YEAR.

More evidence that the new math is a fail.
"according to a friend" INDEED!

skinkinthegrass draws conclusions:
Hmmm...maybe she's "servicing" her GULC professors and now she expanding her business.
Da Coyote just loves the word slut:
She is not only a slut.

She is an ignorant slut.

She’s going to Bubba’s school...a school that used to have a good reputation. Georgetown law...what a joke.

Good job, Jesuits.

When are you gonna eject the slut?
org.whodat also envisions this women servicing many, many men. Something's going on here....
I have come up with a fix for the woman, you buy an old used van and put a couch in it and a sign on the side will trade pills for sex. And drive it around George town. That way you cure both of the old gals problems at the same time.
Truth is a Weapon explains it:
Don’t the Dems and Libs know what kind of dangerous political game they are waging? They are wanting taxpayers to subsidize the expenses of those people who are getting lots and lots of sex. Won’t this alienate the much much larger demographic of those of us who don’t get enough sex? Or at least are beyond the age of being able to conceive?

One of those superpacs need to come up with an add about how 0bama wants all those people who don’t get any sex to pay for those who get lots and lots of sex. There is a huge group of voters this will get angry.
So these He-Man Women Haters are really just horny, frustrated losers? Who woulda guessed?

UCANSEE2 draws obvious conclusions:
Following up on the previous ‘thoughtline’, if a woman being supplied the pill by the government actually does get pregnant, then the resulting abortion must also be government funded. They provide the pill, it must be ‘their’ fault.


  1. Women enjoying sex just like men do? The horror!

    Hate to pile more on you, Ozy, but this one is pretty good. Sheriff Joe Arpaio released his birther cold case posse results today and the live thread is here.

  2. A slut? If Rush says it, that makes it TRUE!

  3. Just when you thought the extreme right-wing couldn't gat any more repugnant, this happens.