Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Game Change Movie

By all accounts Game Change paints a somewhat sympathetic view of Sarah Palin in the 2008 election.

But Freepers are much more comfortable with the idea of Their Sarah once again under assault, so that's what they decide to believe.

Interestingly, they don't defend her much, or even attack Hollywood, they instead spiral off into a fantasy that this movie is proof that President Palin is real!:

E. Pluribus Unum knows Obama only fears One Woman:
The only conceivable reason to bring out “Game Change” now is because the Ubama acolytes fear that President Palin is still a very real possibility.
savagesusie agrees:
It is the only conceivable reason. She is still a great threat and HAS to be taken down.
Go, Sarah Go! She should sue them for defamation if it is shown.
Timber Rattler thinks the movie was carefully timed:
Hollywood conceived this thing over a year ago, thinking that by now, Palin would be well on her way to the GOP nomination.
It’s no coincidence that HBO planned to release this thing only days after Super Tuesday, in order to try and blunt any momentum she might have gotten from winning those primaries had she ran.
'cause Super Tuesday is much more important than the Iowa primary, or New Hampshire, or Texas, or the Convention, or the General Election...confirmation bias is awesome!

Man, Freeper hipsters like JaguarXKE crack me up the most.
My Sattellite company once gave me “Free” HBO for a month. When I learned I had the “fee trial” HBO channel, I called them and demanded it be removed at once or they would loose a customer.
JaguarXKE burned his hands changing a lightbulb cause he did it before it was cool!

The Wizard sees the significance:
and once again the left whores tell you whom they fear the most.....
Mmmm, I hope Freepers pick up adding "whore" to everyone they hate.

Lets Roll NOW is ready to lash out randomly. WHO IS WITH HIM?
Evil tells you who they fear by the way they go after good people. I have had enough of the lies, the smears, the outright HATE from the left. Someone needs to stand against these vile creatures. It’s time to join the fight. Are you with me Jim?