Friday, March 2, 2012

What's in the Obama tape?

Right before he died, Andrew Breitbart boasted he had a tape of Obama from his college years.

His colleagues say they are going to release it in about a week.

Thus, unrestrained by anything approaching facts, Freepers fantasize about what Obama's deep dark secrets could be:

Joe the Pimpernel goes the Obama's gay rout:
My money is on a gay porn debut back in the days before Soros filled his pockets with OPM.
BobinIL prefers Obama being racist:
Obama giving a Rev. Wright style speech??? one can only hope.
WashStateGirl hits Obama training Commies:
Maybe it will be a commie training video with Barry teaching his foreign comrades what fake documents they need to get a real U.S. social security card (or something)
butterdezillion humbly hopes it's Obama meeting with Bill Ayers:
Grathwohl has said that he was at meetings where Columbia University folks like Bill Ayers were planning how they would have to exterminate an estimated 15 million people who would resist “re-education” after the communist revolution.

It’s almost too much to hope for, but in a dream world Obama would have been caught on video at one of those meetings as a result of having been followed after being introduced to an undercover government informant as a foreign student.

At first I was confused by the relatively tame speculation on butterdezillion's part. But then I realized that he needs only the most dilute ingredients to speculate himself into a paranoiac frenzy.

Buckeye Battle Cry prefers gay AND Communist, and Muslim loving:
It’s Barry open mouth kissing his gay Pakistani roommate while smoking opium and singing the praises of Lenin and Marx while trash talking the good old US of A.
smokingfrog kicks it old-school"
0bama admits he was born in Kenya.
Yaelle knows what it had better be:
It better be him with Dohrn and Ayres. THAT proves him a liar. He’s been with these terrorists for decades, and he is on record saying that Ayres is just a nice teacher in his neighborhood.
USS Alaska hopes for drugs and gayness:
obama blowing both crack and his boi toi in the back of the limo at Chicago airport.
klb9 knows assassinations are always a danger:
All I will say is those tapes better have been copied a dozen times, had better be in a triple secure secret location, and the guys getting them “ready” better watch their backs and have world class security watching their backs.


  1. So many of these freepers should really consider a career in writing gay erotic fiction.

    With a little bit more focus, it seems they could come up with descriptions of homoerotic scenarios much more lurid and tantalizing than my cock-loving homo brain could ever envision.

  2. Or directing gay porn films. Seriously, a young Obama open mouth kissing his Pakistani roommate? Hotness!

  3. My money is on these tapes being of a speech Obama once gave and it's edited to make a really good speech sound bad, a la Shirley Sherrod.

    And by the way, Ozy, butterdezillion is a woman. You can tell because wingnut women tend to lay the crazy on heavier than the men, like Michele Bachmann does. Also she has said she's a woman.