Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Freepers respond to a woman who claims she does not regret her abortion.

Life Site News rebuts an article by a woman who has no regrets about her abortion, and wrote an article about it.

For Freepers the misogyny continues!

reagan_fanatic knows all people who disagree with him are crazy:
Mental illness is such a tragic thing to behold.
Well, I know Stalin agrees with that sentiment!

Sgt_Schultze equates being pro choice to being a good slave owner:
She's likely a much better "owner" than she would be as a parent.
Something tells me her "ownership" skills might have come in handy if she had been born in the 1820's American south.
Yeah, forcing women to bring a child to term, that's the liberty agenda!

Da Coyote's desire for liberals to die is in conflict with his pro-Life stance:
This is evolution at its best.

Who would want a child of this beast in our world?

Hah, kidding, there's no conflict! Elimination of the Enemy takes precedence over just about all Freeper principles!

Redleg Duke agrees!

Sluts like her should not procreate. They should live in shitholes like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and be urbanites until they die of drug overdoses and rid the planet of their ilk.
y6162 has a new term:
All fluker sluts look the same to me...
He's far from the only one to use 'fluker slut' to refer to a feminist. It may be catching on...

DNA.2012 is sure this woman is incapable of love:
no woman can accurately say that she loves a man if she is willing to kill that man’s child by abortion.
silverleaf decides to call Obama's mom a harem girl?
At least Stanley Dunham saw her child as a ticket to Africa to be part of a tribal harem... if you want to believe the story about Barry’s paternity
Darren McCarty knows what this woman really feels:
She's compensating bigtime. She knows its wrong and that blood is on her hands, as well as her boyfriend who supported it (if not pressure her into it).
For all the bluster, she can't escape it. Hopefully she'll eventually come to grips with it someday, learn, and see the light.
rarestia assembles a legion of strawmen and defeats them all!
This statement right here points to how much the Left bastardizes words. "Pro-choice" is supposed to mean that the person can choose. In this case, "choice" means abortion, period.

The Left wants us to believe that pro-life means that women will be forced to have and keep children. They want us to believe that pro-choice means that they can choose to abort or to carry the child to term. In an overwhelming number of cases, women who claim to be "pro-choice" feel that they don't want a child but damn the consequences of having sex with every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the block.

I'm gonna call BS on this author. My bet is that she's using this as an unverifiable truth to further an agenda. I bet no one ever knocked her up nor did she ever get pregnant. If she can produce proof, I might listen, but she'll never get any of my sympathy. You don't want a baby? Keep your legs closed or join a convent!
That last paragraph is a doozy. The author is lying, and is neither knocked up NOR pregnant! But she is probably a slut, since she's not a nun.

Junior_G totally knows liberal women and their demographic slut-checklists.
I've known a few of these types over the years. They have a demographic checklist of all of the people they've had sex with in order to establish their open-mindedness (White dude? Check. Black dude? Check. Dude that's 20 years older than her? Check. Dude that's a woman? Check.)
They get abortions like it's some kind of feminist rite of passage, then realize once they're in their mid-to-late 30s and still looking for the perfect man that they may never have a child at all.

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