Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obamacare truthers

Insurance companies say that the millions who signed up for Obamacare have paid their premiums. Freepers, who must believe every single speculative flaw about Obamacare is true, go straight to the unskewing:

rarestia unironically states the Freeper mindset:
While I don’t have empirical evidence to support my claim, I don’t believe this to be true.
Graybeard58 takes solace in the presumed ignorance of the masses
I believe a large per centage haven’t a clue about deductibles or copays.
KeyLargo has had experience with the typical Obama voter:
This is standard practice for the typical Obama voter when required to obtain motor vehicle insurance as required by state law.

They obtain the insurance card by making the first minimum premium payment, then make no further payments and they then have an insurance cared in their hand to present to the police when stopped for a traffic offense.

Good for them, bad for you if they hit you with their vehicle.
SoFloFreeper is sure it's all lies ordered by Obama:
They say what Der Fuhrer TELLS them to say.
ThunderSleeps also thinks the insurance companies are being blackmailed:
Can't say I blame the big insurance companies. They don't want federal regulators and auditors putting them out of business... A definite, very real threat with this group of criminals running things.
grumpygresh - insurance companies always lie.
Insurance companies are all about lying. Are they inflating their claims? Of course, and they are no doubt being encouraged by 0bama. Insurance companies need to say that patients have paid their premiums, otherwise providers will refuse to see the patients, because providers bear the risk for patients with unpaid premiums.
Mechanicos will never believe any numbers ever:
There have been a lot of bogus numbers coming out the ministry of information lately. Global warming, Unemployment, Inflation, Economic growth, ‘Budget surplus,” Commiecare “enrollment,” Commiecare “payees,” etc.

All these creative numbers rely on an audience who cannot do math, nor understand economics, science and history.


  1. KeyLargo sounds suspiciously like he's projecting because he's done the "pay the premium, drive around with a card" technique before. Freepers often sound like they're projecting. I also think the Freepers who work in insurance (and there are plenty of people like that who live in areas where there are no other jobs except selling insurance to your neighbors and in-laws in flyover territory) are just a leeetle too comfortable spewing dirt about the insurance industry.

    1. Freepers often sound like they're projecting.

      If I had a dollar for every time I heard that here, I'd...have a few bucks. But it could buy me booze - enough to read FR!

      I also think the Freepers who work in insurance are just a leeetle too comfortable spewing dirt about the insurance industry.

      Honestly, even without the ACA, the costs have been rising in part due to insurance companies and healthcare fighting each other. I could buy that FReepers don't like the industry, or a bit naive.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the modern conservative movement in the U.S. Facts and reality are their enemies, against which they continue to fight a losing battle. To them, believers of these facts are brainwashed morons. This would be a lot more hilarious if we didn't have actual elected officials in the Republican party who acted like this.

    1. The lines between talk radio and actual politics are, well, almost nonexistent.

  3. Please tell me someone has this archived. Doc Savage banned or suspended for making statements so racist that other Freepers are disgusted. It involves being happy that a black woman and a black 2 year old child were run down and killed from what I can gather. Also looks like jrg made some comments too.
    Gotta give props to the Freepers that called them out.

    1. That thread gets great at the end.

      BTW, here is the cash of the beginning of the thread:

    2. Since the Google cache will eventually go away:

      Doc Savage: Blacks killing blacks. And the downside is?????

      jrg (in response): Fewer pavement apes to view in the free range zoo?

    3. Oh, I'm working on a post later today.

  4. Thanks for the link Ozy. Wow!! Those two comments are just unbelievable. I found some of the member's comments very interesting as the thread progressed. Some good points were made and it seems that the racism is beginning to bother a number of them.

  5. Those comments were terrible, just awful displays of humanity. In a more "light" hearted way, I did love all the kneejerk "automobile control" posts.