Thursday, May 22, 2014

Checking in on Oliviaforever

I've got a bit of a cold, so I'm sorry I'm a bit behind on all sorts of stories.

In the meantime, I'm going for some low-hanging fruit and checking in on Oliviaforever, whose ability to satirize Freepers under their noses make him or her a Colbert-esque genius.

Barack Obama: Hardened criminal:
This all starts with Obama, the first pot smoking President, who wants to bring in a hardened criminal element into the FBI.
On judges and conflict of interest:
a problem with America for a long time is that we allow judges and voters who have something to gain from their decisions or votes. We see this with gay judges and Pro Gay Marriage judges that are allowed to decide cases.

We have atheist judges that are allowed to decide Religious Freedom cases and minority judges deciding on Affirmative Action cases.
Also gay voters
Only 4 states passed Gay marriage by the voters....the others are fraud.

That is quite suspect as there may have been voter fraud or at the very least those who would gain something from the approval of gay marriage, were able to vote themselves a special right.

When in our history have a certain group been able to go to the polls and vote themselves a special right?
The VA scandal is all Obama's fault!
The briefing materials, obtained by The Washington Times through the Freedom of Information Act, make clear that the problems existed well before Mr. Obama took office, dating back at least to the Bush administration.

Looks like there are Democratic Operatives at the Washington Times that are attempting to place the responsibility of the VA Hospital Scandal off on George W. Bush.

Nice try, but the truth is that the VA Wait List problems begin and end with Obama.
The Freeper's version of the First Amendment
The writer has a great point in that the Framers intended for the First Amendment protections to extend to the workplace in cases where employees are expressing their Bible based Christian views or palatable political views when at the workplace or representing their company.
American Spring woulda been millions but for the weather"
Weather is always a factor in the turnout for a large political rally and the weather seems to have been very bad in Virginia as only several hundred of the millions who planned to go could get there due to weather conditions.
No one should have to teach biology:
All teachers should be able to opt out of teachings that they find objectionable if that objection is based on their Biblical beliefs.

They should not be forced to teach about Gay Marriage, Evolution, geology or biology if it conflicts with their Christian beliefs.
Break the NBA union!
If the players quit and don’t want to play for or against the Clippers, the teams can bring in Replacement Players and the fans would be happy to see some fresh players on the court and there may even be some Replacement Players that are better than LeBron.
An analogy about marijuana:
The home-grown marijuana is akin to the homemade socialist who fester in out public universities and entice our young minds to turn to socialism and advocate the destruction of our nations’ wealth by instituting more and more social programs.
The War on Drugs is a for reals war:
When Americans go to War we do not Cut & Run.

That goes for the war against the Imperial Japanese and the Nazis as well as the Cold War against the Soviet Communists.

But, none of those enemies ever invaded America, but we cannot not say that we have not been invaded by the drug lords of Colombia, Mexico, or Afghanistan. In fact, they have be invading our nation for years and they are attacking our children.

One day some of the rougher kids in your neighborhood may try some pot and even offer it to our very own children and before you know it, these kids are slaves to the addiction of marijuana and search for a bigger high and may even try cocaine or heroin.

At that point, the War on Drugs has failed and if we give up on the War on Drugs, we lose.

Our only answer is stricter legal penalties against the drug user and maybe that will prevent your child from experimenting with drugs smuggled in by the Drug Lords.
If abortion really were murder:
The question of if a woman has had an abortion should be answered by every woman running for political office and every woman applying for a job.

Could you imagine hiring a woman for a job to only later find out that she had an abortion?

Could you vote for a woman who had an abortion?

Will Hillary Clinton ever show us all her medical records, including those which would show if and how many abortions Hillary has had?
George W. Who?
Never forget, it was your people who sent us there, like the Clinton’s, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi & Carl Levin.

That is the exact message that the GOP should have used in 2008 and 2012 and must do in 2014 and 2016 and that is that Iraq was and is a Democratic War. The failure of Iraq from our entry to our cut and run away from Iraq is the fault of the Democratic Party.
What college sex education can lead to:
This article illustrates the moral downfall of the United States as children go off to college and are forced to take a Human Sexuality course with such a filthy textbook.

After a few weeks in the class and after reading several chapters in the textbook, it is no surprise that some college students might be having premarital sex.
Monica Lewinsky will be Bill Clinton's downfall!
With this book, the American people will learn about the Lewinsky- Bill Clinton affair and that will turn many of those who now support Hillary away from he presidential run.
Why Michael Sam jerseys are selling so well:
A few of the Sam jerseys being sold today may be being bought by the gay, but I bet most are being bought by those who will protest Michael Sam and will burn the Sam jerseys in protest.

Along with those protests will be a massive boycott of the NFL and we will see empty stadiums from Opening Day to the Super Bowl.


  1. Darn, and I was hoping for Monday Potpourri Part III: Beyond FReeperdome!

  2. "After a few weeks in the class and after reading several chapters in the textbook, it is no surprise that some college students might be having premarital sex"

    Sheesh! Criticizing people for actually doing their homework?

  3. "Democrats" at Washington Times? Does she even read the Washington Times?!

  4. "will be a massive boycott of the NFL and we will see empty stadiums from Opening Day to the Super Bowl."

    I predict with 100% accuracy that she will be wrong.

  5. Tread carefully. The harpy queen zot force who visit this blog regularly are always looking for new witches to burn on FR.

    Oliviaforever is surely already under close watch from the positive press she's gotten here.

    1. That's a good point.

      I'll probably not do another post that focuses on Oliviaforever, just her individual posts.

  6. They already got him when he called himself Uncle Slayton.

  7. Definitely parody. Definitely great.