Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another shooter, another secret liberal

I couldn't do this blog for as long as I have if I didn't find Freepers pretty interesting. But I do mass shooting posts almost out of obligation. For some reason, I find Freepers' reactions to mass shootings really tiresome.
Just coming up with this theory off the cuff right now, Maybe it's because this is the core of their paranoid reaction. Paranoia requires an uncreative, rote reaction. Loathing, frustration, and self-pitty, on the other hand, always have some crazy angle that surprises me. Eh, just a nascent theory.

Some lunatic shot up a sorority house at UC Santa Barbara and had a frustrated, woman-hating manifesto. Freepers start by assuming it's a black or Muslim. It turns out to be a white guy, so then they spend some time deciding he's liberal (something that does not end well when tried outside Free Republic).

Then they hit on their angle. This time, the reason we don't need to worry about gun culture is that some TV psychiatrist speculates he might be secretly gay.

Intolerant in NJ - this guy was a typical liberal:
He sure looks, talks, and acts gay...just one more typical leftwinger - it wasn't his fault the women rejected him - it was theirs - it wasn't up to him to adjust and change, the girls had to, and if the didn't, they had to be destroyed - what's the mystery.....
ROCKLOBSTER does not like gays:
Rodger Was Repressed Homosexual

Typical disease-ridden whackjob.
ROCKLOBSTER continues to help the gay marriage cause:
You certainly are not trying to imply that all homosexuals are potential mass murders are you?

Actually, more of them are child molesters.
Recovering Ex-hippie is just so damn happy to have a narrative:
ME.... I was first!!!I win!!!!

His father? I’d be looking at Mommie Dearest...and then maybe he was sexually abused by the Hollyweird guys.
Kit cat is fucking excited too:
When I saw this guys video MY GAYDAR was in full force, this young
man was as gay as they come!!! Girls paid NO ATTENTION because
they KNEW he was GAY!!!! He would have been a GREAT girlfriend for
the girls, gay men are GREAT friends for women!!!!
Kickass Conservative totally heard the shooter was Gay:
Talking to Family and Friends, I’ve had three People tell me they thought the Guy was Gay and couldn’t accept it.

I think another FReeper mentioned they wouldn’t be surprised if the Perp’s Computer is full of Gay Sex Videos.
Sarah Barracuda felt the gayness, as a woman.
Ive been saying since I saw this nut’s video that he was a closet homo and that is why no woman would date him..most women have gaydar and I saw it right away. He couldn’t understand why in his head he wanted to be with girls but his body was telling him something different. My gut feeling tells me he was molested by a male as a child..just recently we heard about the Hollywood Pedophile ring involving some top name Hollywood Producers, perhaps that is the final straw that made this guy snap
Recovering Ex-hippie smugly wonders what the liberal media will do about this TRUTH:
Male roomates—in such close proximity, his urges overcame him and since he was in the closet mentally, he acted out by ‘eliminating” what triggered his urges.

Ok, lets see the press do this one..Gay, Liberal,European background, anti-feminnist....WHOA!
Valpal1 knows it's just that school makes you look gay:
He’s not gay, he’s just a product of the education system that seeks to make all boys effeminate. He was also a bitter and angry and narcissistic product of our current oversexed culture and a broken family.
On a weird digression, ansel12 discusses how he was a master in the bedroom in High School:
Whatever happened to those women who considered straightening out a queer to be a challenge? Or was that just a figment of some screenwriter’s imagination?

I tried it in high school a few times, that and the “secretly being a virgin”, although I was known to date girls two at a time, sometimes several a day, and had my own apartment.
tanknetter knows lots of guys who pretended to be gay.
I’m not sure about this theory. I’ve known a lot of guys who have played gay (or at least confused about their sexuality) to successfully get la*d. It ususally works about as well as guys claiming they’re virgins. One guy I knew lost his virgnity at least 9 times. There’s a substantial number of women who really get into the turn a gay straight or deflower a virgin thing.

What would make more sense would be if he’d been with a lot of women, but was never really satisfied or fulfilled due to being latantly gay.
Maybe it's a thing, I dunno.

Kit cat explains gays:
Don’t gays HATE women??

Of course they don’t hate women THEY ARE women, just not as catty to women as women are to each other!!!!
KneelBeforeZod knows that absence of evidence is totally evidence:
unfortunate that any hint of gay tendencies that might be found (computer, videos etc) will be covered up by LE or quashed by the press
Well, I give IncPen points for creativity, but he's still tireing me out.
Sexually ambiguous celebrities Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama presided over the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, with ten injured.

If you’re keeping score, that’s just under Elliot Rodgers’ record.

Why isn’t the media interested in those deaths?


  1. Well, wait a minute, do people "choose" to be "homos" or not ? This is typical freeper disconnect. Why would a gay guy (who according to them is a self-chosen pervert) want women? They clearly believe this unbalanced person is organically homosexual

    1. You're trying to rationalize the thoughts of a Freeper?! Good luck with that!

    2. Kate, you stole my comment. Exactly.

  2. I'm surprised max America didn't weigh in with his Hollywood insider information

    1. What if this kid WAS max America? Mind. Blown.

  3. What always gets me is the pervasive idea on FR that gay men are both weak and feeble but still capable of committing horrible atrocities at moment's notice like some sociopathic, stone cold killer. I've seen this a number of times from a few users and it's baffling. I guess all things are possible. I just think you can't be both a pansy AND a ruthless barbarian. :P

    1. It's the same way that Obama is a shiftless, incompetent ne'er-do-well who needs constant help to prop him up and feed lines into his teleprompter, while at the same time he's a groomed-from-birth evil secret ninja stealth plant to undermine the free world from within.

  4. These comments are absolutely embarrassing.

    Sick, twisted, and embarrassing.

    And I say this as a conservative.

    Six innocent people have been murdered and several more have been wounded by a dark and deeply disturbed young man who himself has been killed. The nation is in shock at the abject horror of the spectacle, and countless lives have been shaken to the core by the grief and torment that this monster had wrought. And this is all the Freepers care about? Whether or not they can detect if he was gay?

    This is precisely why conservatives will never achieve an electoral victory for the foreseeable future. No matter how many times we try to explain that we only wish to preserve life, freedom, and traditional values and have it secured by a small and limited government, these malcontents with their perpetual bloviating, revolting demeanor, and downright nastiness ruin the message.

    Then they make us all look like a bunch of frenzied, rabid, malicious cretins who are not only completely out of touch with society but entirely incapable of behaving like a human being.

    People who are either undecided on where they stand on certain issues or are curious to learn more about politics probably look at the comments and commentators on FreeRepublic, the self-proclaimed foremost conservative forum on the Internet, and think to themselves, “This is what it means to be a conservative? I want no part of it!”

    I can’t say I blame them. Who wants to be an incessantly angry, viciously bitter, miserable bastard who hates everyone and everything around them and feels nothing but rage from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep and are only comforted by the fact that death is just around the corner for them?

    For this reason, I am convinced that I as a conservative will always be in the minority, and I have accepted it. This is fine because even though I do not like the path that we as a nation are headed, unlike the Freepers I do not feel persecuted by any and all people and things that don’t think and act as I do. I am actually reasonably content with my personal life, although of course it could stand some improvement. Maybe if the Freepers could just engage in a little bit of humility and kindness instead of useless bombast and sniping, they would be in better shape both politically and personally.

    1. Well put, though I refuse to give up just yet.

    2. Great post!!! You put into words how I have been feeling for years relating to FR and Conservatism. They are embarrassing.

  5. I expect there will be some sort of realigning in the coming decades. Conservativism is currently being held down, but it can't be killed.