Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Real Military hates Obama

Freepers are in a strange place about the military. On the one hand, Obama has made it gay and will soon use it to round everyone into FEMA camps. On the other, Free Republic has a long legacy of fetishising the military.

This is why, when Freepers react to a Daily Mail story that most West Point cadets failed to stand for Obama's commencement speech, they concentrate on the 25% who stood.

ImJustAnotherOkie explains it:
The ones that applauded are the gays and trannies.
molson209 knows Obama dictates all promotions in the Military:
These 25% will get the top Military jobs in the Kingdom Of Obama
bandleader talks like a black stereotype:
They be”Dissin’ The Man”?????????????
Man, Diogenesis is crazy. I have him in the queue to do a mid-week re-spotlight.
How many of the 25% support al Qaeda,
the Moslem Brotherhood, the coup d’etat
against the US Constitution
started by Pelosi and Obama for Islam
and the DNC racketeering from Samoa to Chicago to Syria?
dfwgator knows how the Military used to treat Democrats!
In the old days, they would have been invited to a “blanket party.”
Hulka - if you stand for Obama, you neglect the Constitution:
Swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not a man.

That is in great part of what makes the US military great.

Those 25% probably swore an oath under their breath to support and defend the big zero and not the Constitution.
A Navy Vet laments how all blacks are for Obama:
"What? 25%? West Point must be slipping."

Remember one third of the country supports this usurper. Plus, the class was probably directed or at least "encouraged" to make a showing.

I would bet 20 to 1 odds that there wasn't a black Cadet that didn't stand up for their black president. Like I said previously he is half white which he ignores like Holder does. What a couple of racists and so are all who support him because of being half black.
Fantasywriter: also crazy.
This is why he twice called Marines “corpsemen”. It was intentional. He was dissing them two ways. (1) Insulting them by not pronouncing what they are correctly, & (2) calling them men who make corpses.

Obama has a very deep hateful streak. It comes out very often, & the military is one of his regular targets.

(PS: this was an insult similar to all the middle-fingers he has ‘subtly’ given ppl. If accused, he can deny. It’s part of his immature, passive-aggressive, deep-seated nastiness. Never underestimate how deep the mean streak runs in him.)
But no one does visceral hatred like sport!
In my opinion, the place should be steam cleaned after he desecrated it by his presence. But I am not in step with is now main stream America. In other words, I do not worship the sob.


  1. Chickenhawks and their fans (like FReepers) have a long legacy of fetishising the military.


    (the comments don't like the strike tag? Thanks Obama!)

  2. If they had been my cadets, there would be some serious bruising going around this morning.

    You stand when the CinC enters the room. Full fucking stop. It doesn't matter if you don't like the guy, trust the guy or respect the guy - you give the position the respect it deserves.

    These larval officers are supposed to go out and maintain the discipline and traditions in their respective units. This is a poor start for many of them.

    I thought the speech was dire - you want to see how to do a proper commencement speech at Westpoint, look up either GWB or - for a really good one - Bill Clinton back in '93.

    It does not excuse the lack of respect though.

  3. "How many of the 25% support al Qaeda,
    the Moslem Brotherhood, the coup d’etat
    against the US Constitution
    started by Pelosi and Obama for Islam..."
    How to begin unpacking this friggin suitcase of crap... First, must every Freeper use the term "Moslem"? Hell, I haven't seen that since my 4th grade social studies books. Were they all born in the 1790s?
    Pelosi and Obama's "coup d'etat for Islam." Come on. Come. On. In what world does a so-called San Francisco Liberal and a Chicago pothead cheer for so-called Islamo-Nazis who want to kill and oppress everyone who isn't a religious male straight-edge asshole? I'm actually getting tired out by all of this, too. I just can't keep up anymore. Just knowing that I am living side-by-side in a country with people who have this fucked-up hamster wheel whirling in their crania 24/7 makes me want to fuck off and terraform Mars.