Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of criminal scheme

Wisconsin governor and union-busting sometimes hero of the right Scott Walker had some bad news late last week. It seems he was an unidicted co-conspirator in a case alleging collusion between third party groups and his own campaign. He may have been unindicted, but the e-mails that came out look pretty bad. And that takes some doing in our current permissive campaign finance atmosphere. The e-mails were actually released in connection to a wrongful prosecution case brought be Americans for Prosperity. Freepers know it was Obama, and go straight to Nazi.

Norm Lenhart knows he'll be a wanted man in just a few months
Give them time. in a few months we will achieve non person status. Then enemy of the state. Then a final solution can be applied as Bill Ayres, official Obama Advisor, said was needed.

They just need a little time.
The Rats of WI can’t win at the ballot box so they’re going to get him by whatever means necessary.
Whereas Freepers are all about the ballot box...

BitWielder1 has an evidenceless conviction Democrats are doing this too!
What they accuse him of sounds pretty much like the Dem Standard Operating Procedure.
To be fair, probably everyone is doing this, but not so blatantly as Walker.

drunknsage is still getting mileage out of those 2 New Black Panther guys from 2008.
No charges filed against the New Black Panthers over voter intimidation (and no arrests regarding their probable carrying of concealed weapons etc); not a peep out of the criminal thug in the White House or the criminal thug in the DoJ regarding the multiple voting by Holder’s people; no action or investigation on the ad hoc ballot box stuffing on behalf of the ridiculous imbecile Al Franken...

You didn’t get the memo? Voting rights only apply to minorities or those who have faced discrimination. Whites aren’t protected by such laws and the DOJ didn’t feel comfortable using a law against a group it was supposed to protect. That’s a matter of fact thanks to an OIG investigation. Alot of good that did.
DesertRhino rolls soviet.
This is right out of a circa 1922 Soviet playbook. Unbelievable to be watching it happen again before my eyes. But I do have faith that the information age combined with the 2nd amendment will check this attack in time.
RKBA Democrat - if you're not seeing Hitler, it's because you're biased.
Normalcy bias gets you every time.

Why surely the Turks didn’t mean what they said about Armenians.
Why surely the Germans didn’t mean what they said about the Jews.
Why surely the soviets didn’t mean what they said about the counter revolutionaries .
Why surely the Khmer Rouge didn’t mean what they said about intellectuals.
Why surely the Serbs didn’t mean what they said about Bosnians.
Why surely the the Hutu didn’t mean what they said about the Tutsi,
reefdiver is rehabilitating Herman Cain...
were any of the bimbo accusations against Cain actually true?

None. They Borked him
So...no idea that Borked means then. Not too surprising.

Big news! Red Steel finally demands prosecution of the Obama administration! Shocker.
Short of another revolution don’t let them run out the clock after Obama is out of office. Prosecute them inside and out of government for their crimes when a legitimate administration takes the Executive branch. They’ve crossed the line where they should be pursued and prosecuted.
I wonder if that's part of the reason for the recent mania for party purity - that the outrage meter for Dems is stuck at Hitler/imprison for every bad thing that happens, and they've turned to areas where they have a mite more hope for success.


  1. Conservative jurist Robert Bork was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1987 by Saint Reagan. At the congressional hearing, it quickly became apparent that Bork, while brilliant, was a bit of a reactionary loon when it came to such trivial matters as Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Racial and Gender Equality, Workplace Protections, and so on. He was also remembered, not so fondly, for his role as triggerman in President Nixon's infamous "Saturday Night Massacre."

    While these revolutions make him only more idea to the wingnut crowd, they horrified most Americans and Senators. His nomination was rejected, and that rejection was seen as evidence by wingnuts as evidence of everything pure and decent.

    His name almost immediately became a verb for rejecting good, decent men of women nominated to public office. Of course, only nominees of the far right are "borked." Liberal and moderate nominees are rejected only for good cause.

  2. "revelations" *

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  3. Damn it. "Ideal." *

    Back to bed for me.

    1. We really could use an edit function. Don't feel bad, AuBricker. Honest, I have been reading this stuff on the internet for so long that I hardly notice a typo now.

  4. "The Rats of WI can’t win at the ballot box so they’re going to get him by whatever means necessary."

    Forgot Tammy Baldwin? She pulled off a decent upset over Tommy Thompson - the Reagan of WI politics* - in a race that has had limited if no drama.

    *Seriously! he got credited for a lot of the fiscal success in the 1990s, but spent most of it and quit in 2001 to take a job with the Bush administration, leading to the state running out of money, screwing his Lt. Gov and then Jim Doyle happened. It's been almost 15 years and the state has yet to fully recover

  5. Ozzie - you got played by this.

    Two judges - one state, one federal (both Democrats) - ruled "no case to answer." That is so far beyond innocent it is moving in to "why are you wasting the court's time and do you want a few years to cool down in a cell" territory for the plaintiffs.

    In good news - heading home in about 5 days. Not exactly good news for the ones left in Iraq and trying to get out, but it is what it is. Personally - I do rather prefer not to be shot at by idiots for idiots.

  6. LOL. The entire thing was a hoax you moron. Walker isn't going anywhere. Hilarious

  7. Guy who ran on doing indecent things with animals beats tea party challenger. Stay classy, Mississippi / Republicans. Is a freeper meltdown imminent?

  8. And speaking of Freepers being "all about the ballot box"! The whining is deafening.