Friday, June 6, 2014

Spotlight Friday: jonascord

fellow Freep-watcher, and great commenter kidglove3 found this guy, I can take no credit.
One of the fun Freepers to spotlight have a phrase (e.g smelly Obamas) that they make their theme. This guy's theme is to embrace eugenics-kill all the Democrats! It's in 80% of his posts - liberals, progressives, Democrats they're all dumb or evil, and we should kill them all for the greater good.
At first, you might think it's just a bad joke making a point about those genocidal Democrats, but then he gets detailed about methods...
Taken after his own lurid fantasies, his projection about how much liberals get turned out thinking about executing conservatives is also cute.
He's a retired Marine and a mechanical engineer, and weirdly, his political eugenics-genocide fantasies come across as less angry and more smug.

Liberals will never give up:
The learning curve has been a very gradual slope, since we are trying to overcome 220+ years of judeo-christian training. The realization that the Left will NEVER quit until we are slaves or dead is finally dawning.
Out of patience:
Democrats have displayed nothing but contempt for the Constitution for the last 50 years, and deserve to be treated as terrorists.

I'm personally all out of patience with the concept of tolerating the Left side of the Bell curve. Waterboarding would be a start.
Kill all Progressives for dumbness:
Progressives DON'T LEARN! They are incapable of ever processing any new information. Socialists have been saying the same half thoughts, with the same buzz words for the last century and a half, without ever seeing that the ideas don't work.

It raises the question of whether they should be allowed to consume air...
Eugenics says kill all Democrats
If you want to increase student performance with a eugenic solution, the problem has always been developing an effective selection criteria.

My suggestion is to simply select by political affiliation. Democrats have shown, in the last two elections, that they are either profoundly stupid, or evil.

It will shift the Mean of the Bell Curve 50 % to the Right, and open a great deal of real estate and employment to exploitation.
Kill all Democrats - with a flamethrower!
Since the Dims ignore the Constitution anyhow, perhaps we can import the Nork judicial system to handle our arrogant Socialist traitors...

The idea of progressive Crispy Critters would be amusing. We could re-brand it as Koresh's Revenge.

After 40 years of Liberal hatred, alternate means of political combat might be considered.
All shooters are liberal, so kill all Democrats
If one were to look for a common trait in the profile of spree shooters, presidential assassins, and other such "lone gunmen," to aid in identifying them, you will find that they are various flavors of Democrat...(Socialist, Anarchist, Utopian, Communist, and so on.)

We could effectively double the national IQ, eliminate 80% of violent crime, and completely launder the United States of political corruption by a eugenic disposal of all registered Democrats.

Just thinking out loud...
Reverse racism means kill all Democrats:
These kinds of reverse racist concepts will ultimately justify a massive counterstroke.

Personally, I'm for a eugenic cleansing, basing selection on IQ, with membership as a Democrat being the defining criteria.

What's good for the goose...
How to kill all the media:
"When the balloon goes up, the vast majority of the media must be killed."

The justification is without question. Method, however.

A: Uragan D2 is the most cost effective, but B: Shooting is so much more satisfying, and C: Hanging is street theater.

The real question is how serious we are...
And so many people are liberals!
"We have too many thieves in this country. They aren’t afraid of jail. We’re going to have to hang some of them."

You'd wipe out the entire Cook County administration, right down to the subway ticket clerks. (Also 90% of the population of Springfield, but that's another subject.)
Also kill liberal's families
I wonder if his family will share his fate? Very few tyrants live to see a quiet old age. I'm sure Mussolini didn't foresee a gas station...
Man, it'll be fun when we 'accidentally' slaughter liberals:
The beauty of current liberal overreach is that, when the shooting starts, their sublime arrogance will justify any excess that might occur.

(Like the accidental mass execution, herded into a burning Planned Parenthood office. You know, oopsies...)
Another method of execution - marijuana:
What's the big deal? Democrats are animals. Let them lose their souls.

Seriously. The Left side of the Bell Curve is eminently expendable. They are killing their children, themselves, their future. Let's make it profitable. Tax pot.
Also hates the gays:
And when the kid is on his knees in a rest stop men’s room, with a size 13 sphincter and 4 raging STDs and a meth habit, the parents will be SO proud they were progressive.
See, fiction is real, and satire is truth:
You've got to understand: "Portlandia" is a documentary, a simple narrative of the day to day 'thinking' that substitutes for intellect in Leftist Land.
Some mountain climbers die? Probably liberals, so it's awesome!
It's the end of May. Gee, what are the chances of a glacier going soft in warm weather?

Dead 'Progressives' with more money than smarts, praying at the alter of Gaia...

No great loss. Watch them blame Climate Change, and by extension Capitalism.
Yeah, he's totally worried about the violent end of the US:
I have the sickening feeling that Serbia's 'ethnic cleansing' and Rwanda's Hutu/Tutsi slaughter will qualify as minor kerfuffles when the history of the US collapse is written.
See, it's the liberals who are sexually aroused by violence, not him!
"Napolitano dreams of being Obama’s Che and hopes to one day have her own iconic portrait on tee shirts."

She gets all quivery and damp at the thought of being able to do tha OTHER thing Che liked, using a .45 to blow the right wing brains of non-Marxists all over his/her/it's shoes.

When this is all over, we're going to have to establish war crimes tribunals like Nuremberg for these criminal traitors...
Not a fan of Jane Fonda
It's spooky how, ultimately, this life support system for a vag is lauded for spending fifty years as a walking demonstration for too much lead based paint in the nursery.
Aaand back to killing all the progressives:
I'm not sure progressives will enjoy anarchy as much as they think they will. No laws can means proscription lists of Democrats, ditches and firing squads, too...

I know people who are no longer amused with the idea that the Left is simply stupid and must be forgiven their trespasses.
The Final Solution - kill all Democrats

This is the Wiki for the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Like all Democrats, he honestly believes he is brighter than he is.

Combined with the Bell Curve by Herrnstein/Murrey, I think this justifies something MASSIVE as a final solution to a progressive political coup attempt.
More unironicuse of 'Final Solution.'
What are you whinging about? Obama and his crimes will justify the Final Solution to the Progressive Problem.

Personally, I'm for feeding the entire Democrat's Party into the Machine, with particular attention paid to the entire political membership of Chicago, right down to the dog catchers.

Everyone in the organization is there because they are part of the patronage system, and has happily prostituted themselves.

It would be an object lesson to the World that total corruption justifies total retribution.


  1. Not even joking, this guy is dangerous. We'll probably see him on the news one day after a dozen people are shot to death at an office of Planned Parenthood. While most of the Freepers are crazy, this guy has far too many scenarios thought out enough to make his delusions actionable.

    1. Be assured that the Jimcompoop also compiles lists of comments from jonascord and other psycopathic freepers.

      When (not if) jonascord goes off the homicidal deep end, within hours the jimcompoop will have "disappeared" his account, and sent all pertinent real world info he has on jonascord to the FBI.

      Jimcompoop talks big, but hes the biggest government informant on FR (as well as being probably the single biggest government health care recipient).

    2. Yes, Don Black does the same on Stormfront, as does probably a few of the left's outlets. Murky waters all around. Heard an interesting snippet just a while ago: LucyT and Humblegunner are members on Fogbow.

  2. Replies
    1. I think you can count on that.

  3. Jim Robbington IIIJune 6, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    Can someone please explain how Democrats, who are consistently criticized for wanting bigger government, could possibly be considered anarchists? Conservatives are the ones for smaller government, less regulations and open-carry firearm laws.

    1. Anarchy = bad
      Democrats = bad
      Big Gov't = bad

      Think like a FReeper!

  4. Waiting for the freeper meltdown over the latest court ruling on gay marriage in Wisconsin.


    2. "Another bull dyke judge overrules the will of the people. And as usual a republican governor cowers down to her like a dog in heat."


  5. "The right of marriage lies with the states EXCLUSIVELY as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment. There is no such thing as a federal marriage license."
    I don't mean to run this into the ground, because it doesn't pertain to jonascord per se, but while these big dopes are whining and crying about the constitution, haven't they ever heard of Loving v. Virginia?

    1. You're not running it into the ground, because it can't be avoided on FR.

      There may not be a federal marriage "license", but there are literally 100s of federal benefits granted to legally married couples that are not available to unmarried couples, regardless of "civil unions" or otherwise legally documented relationships.

      And these 100s of benefits are automatically granted for the mere $20-$80 license fee charged by the state.

      Even avoiding any other comparisons between racial based civil rights, and homosexual based civil rights, the legal reasoning behind Loving v. Virginia applies to the federal rulings favoring gay marriage.

  6. It's high time for a spotlight of MeshugeMikey. His inane .gifs of blinking eyes are strange if not absolutely frightening for his attention to eye detail. Which I assume is when he spends his free time...unless he- along with countless other Freepers- are on disability from the same government they claim to be against!


    1. Mikey was probably one of those who downloaded the free legacy copy of photoshop. Give him a couple years practice :).

  7. And here's the annual "Gay Days at DisneyWorld" complaint thread.

    Including, as usual, freeper tales of "accidently" being at DisneyWorld during such days in the past and witnessing many cases mens' room debauchery ... over and over, again and again, for hours at a time until they got their fill of disgust.