Friday, June 27, 2014

And Now This Word From Outer Space

logic tells me edition:
As a Conservative, I do not have a set political ideology. What I do is hold to certain truths to be, well, self evident. For example, I believe abortion is murder in all cases, no matter what. And why? Common sense tells us that live begins at conception. As another example, I also believe that the United States Constitution is the law of the land. And why? 2+2=4, and never 5, no matter what the liberals on the short bus say. The US Constitution is the law of the land. I expect and demand that the federal government stays within its Constitutional boundaries, even if the politicians of both parties and their unelected bureaucrat hangers-on want use the the document as political toilet paper.
OK. We're going to have to go through this bit by bit here. Conservativism is as obvious as math, so if you don't agree you're retarded. A neat ideology that conveniently sidesteps the need for any argument.

Now this isn't revolutionary thinking on my part. I'm willing to bet that you, Dear Reader, also feel the same way about the above examples. We Conservatives didn't come to these realizations because some political svengali wrote a book and we all became True Believers. It isn't talk radio that formed these views, nor did FOX News, regardless of what the $oros funded thugs at Media Bladders tell their fellow cult members. As a rule, Conservatives, for the most part, never allow ideology to form their views, they use logic.

And logic tells me that we Conservatives should not support any military action in Iraq.
We're all conservative because we have no ideology, only pure reason. Setting himself up for some quality argument by declaration...

Now, let me be, as our Jew hating and homosexual agenda pushing "President", likes to say "perfectly clear". I supported the war in Iraq completely and still do. By all accounts, Saddam Hussein was a clear and present danger to the United States. He was a cut above your typical Islamonazi. Instead of just talking about committing acts of genocide, he did it. Hussein's Baath party were sponsors of Islamic and leftist terror all over the world. It was only a matter of time before before the US was attacked by Iraqi sponsored terror. While George W. Bush got many, many things wrong during his presidency, on this one, he was on the money. Saddam Hussein had to be dispatched to his 72 virgins, regardless of what the Starbucks philosopher crowd thought, in the name of a legitimate national security issue.
Jew hating? Anyhow, I am enjoying the idea that Saddam Hussein was extra evil compared to other dictators. I also like the complete wrongness of Hussein being Muslim and sponsoring terrorism. Keep rocking those debunked 2001 talking points!

We have a similar situation in Iraq now. ISIS has now taken over the Muthanna chemical weapons depot in Iraq and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has promised to commit an act of genocide against the American people.

However, "similar" doesn't necessarily mean "the same". We have an x-factor named Barack Hussein Obama illegally squatting in the White House. Here's a guy who's mired in scandal after scandal, ranging from the NSA spying on American citizens, allowing an ambassador to be murdered in Libya, arming Mexican drug cartels with Fast and Furious, swapping 5 Taliban super villains for traitor Bowe Bergdahl, and has instructed the Internal Revenue Stasi to harass American citizens who decry what a mockery their country has become under his dictatorial rule.
Amazing logic. Iraq now is different because Barack Obama is in charge, and he's evil. Also, birtherism! Truly, logic is what is leading this man on.

Imagine what would happen if Barry's military adventure turned into an all-out war. Never mind having the IRS harassing dissenters, we would have the FBI hunting down dissenters in a way that even a fascist pig like Woodrow Wilson would find distressing. Some might say this is hyper-partisan bloviating, but is there any reason whatsoever to believe that wouldn't be the result?
"We can't allow Obama to go into Iraq because it would turn America fascist! Some say this is hyperpartisan, but my counterargument is to repeat myself - checkmate!"

Not only that, just like in Syria, we have absolutely no idea who we would be supporting. ISIS may be a Sunni group, but that doesn't exactly make the Shi'ites lambs being led to the slaughter, either. Not only that, this would put us on the same side as the genocidal maniacs in Teheran. Honestly, does that sound like a good idea?
The Middle East is complicated. Unlike in 2001, when it was super simple.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I have all the answers. One one hand, ISIS is one of the most dangerous foes that the US has ever faced. On the the other hand, Barack Obama is the most dangerous foe the US has ever faced. It's a crap sandwich that even a team consisting of Paul Bocuse, Gordon Ramsay, and Bobby Flay couldn't make appetizing.
I'm just folks, and don't have all the answers, but even in my humility, it is clear Obama is the most dangerous foe the US has ever faced. LOGIC

We are on the edge of absolute disaster. The economy is collapsing, our society is collapsing, and the useless bureaucrats in both parties are hastening the country's demise. There's no sense in pretending that this will end well, no matter what happens.

God help us all.
Conservative choir preaching provided by Absolutely Nobama AKA Alan Levy gun owner.

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