Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Freeper soccer haters

I can see interest in the World Cup grow every four year's it's come around since I was in undergrad. Now it's bigger than anything except for the NFL.

And a lot of Freepers are totally down with the sport, or at least are willing to let fans alone. So I had to cherry pick a bit more than usual for this post.

Luckily, this is Free Republic, and the sticks in the mud who have decided soccer is evil and another example of America's downfall keep it loud and proud.

sean327 has no interest in soccer, but he's far from indifferent!
I have zero interest in soccer, no one I know has any interest in it either. In fact, we detest the damn game!
Ray76 knows it's all hype.
It’s being hyped more, but nobody cares about soccer.
Old Yeller makes it racial.
It’s all the Mexicans in this country.
dforest is pretty sure soccer is New World Order conspiracy:
The NWO has deemed soccer as the official world sport. They have a hard time selling soccer in the US because we prefer football.

That is the reason that everything is being done to destroy the game of football.

As a one world we must all have the same official sports.

Sad, but you know it is true.
Goldsborough has a list as to why soccer is unamerican:
The diving so prevalent in soccer, by which so much game advantage can be gained, is never going to be accepted here, but FIFA refuses to wipe it out, which would be simple through post match review and penalties with actual teeth.

The soccer shoot out is the dumbest tie breaker of all of the stick and/or ball sports. Americans hate ties so much that pigskin football was forced to implement effective tie breakers. Inconclusive results in sports are un-American. Even championship tennis and golf, (other euro imports) get what soccer seemingly does not—play on until someone caves.

Ersatz "American" soccer culture—the scarves in July, the stolen songs, clubs named after Real Madrid and some Mexican club, it's just freakin' goofy. You either have to consciously avoid the issue of how stupid this cultural misappropriation is, or join it to fit in.

Soccer is BORING. Fans call it action, but "the intricacies of passing" just aren't all that interesting to most people. Just like most people see rugby as an interminable series of laterals, most American sports fans don't consider "possession" as worth a darn as entertainment when watching it. When the game ends 0-0 and the analyst babble is about who looked better and possessed the ball more, the typical American sports fan rightfully rolls his eyes with a WGAF sentiment.

Our indigenous "boring" sport slot is filled by baseball, which is older than soccer, has by far more history here, and has by far the most live attendance at levels ranging from Little League, to high school, college, the Minor Leagues on up to MLB. Baseball would be the sport that would actually most profit from an influx of athletic talent by the demise of NFL and NCAA football. Baseball already has the "academy system" that MLS could only dream of comprehensively duplicating, and the average paycheck for a MLB player far outstrips that of all but a handful of MLS players, providing a more powerful economic incentive to partake than domestic soccer offers.
sean327 - this is a sign!
Soccer is just one more way the pussification of America continues to march on.
sean327 allows soccer is athletic, but hates it for other unspecified reasons.
Tell Clint Dempsey that he’s a pussy. I dare you.

In my younger lean and mean days I would tell him in a heartbeat! Today at 50 and not so lean and mean, not a chance!
All joking aside, these guys are world class athletes. There is no denying it. I hate the game for a number of reasons, the biggest is it bores the hell out of me.


  1. You'd think the world cup would be the thing to get Freepers to actually watch soccer for once. The national pride and patriotism, the covering everything in the flag and red, white, and blue, it's right up their alley.

    I've been playing since kindergarten, with one or two (and this week three) pickup games a week nowadays. I'm happy that more of the country is embracing the sport. If countries with a tenth of our population can be so good, imagine what we could do if we had a youth setup like the European nations do.

    1. Seriously - watch your knees if you are over 30. A pair of knee supports runs about 8 dollars and they last for a long time.

      Playing is great fun and pick up games are wonderful for the laughs, but your knees get a ton of strain running while controlling the ball with your instep then twisting to use the outside of your foot. It's a sight worse if you pull the short straw and get goal duty!

      I've not understood the disdain the US has for football (never the S word). 90 minutes. Virtually no stops, you sub someone if they break something major or die on the pitch, and the rules are simple. You'd think it would be up there with the Superbowl.

      Maybe it's a TV thing - most of the rest of the world doesn't have adverts every 7 minutes.

    2. Futbol is very popular in the USA as a youth sport, but not as a National spectator sport. The NFL and NBA are rich and powerful and have mega millions in sponsorship and marketing.

  2. They just hate soccer because brown people do it. That's why they hate basketball.

    1. Freepers like football, because you can still be successful at that sport even if you're fat.

      They can relate.

    2. Yeah, but you'd have to get off your butt to play. Too much effort for a Freeper. Plus there's a gay guy now, so that sport is ruined. According to FReepers.

      It's more of an image thing - kind of like a Norman Rockwell painting of a football game for a FReeper

      The culture is different - almost alien to a FReeper. To the soccer-hating FReepers, this is unacceptable.

    3. UnknownJune 25, 2014 at 10:50 AM

      They just hate soccer because brown people do it. That's why they hate basketball.

      Also why Freepers hate cruises. They are so tied up in their so called American loving culture anything remotely foreign or different sets them off!!

    4. Ever notice what football teams the more vehement members of FR are fans of? Green Bay. Houston. Dallas. The Colts when they were in Baltimore and had Unitas.

      They're stuck on white.

    5. Freeper types hate anything that they do not understand.

  3. The day America wins the World Cup is the day Freepers will all of a sudden love the sport. And they will have always loved soccer, and if you say otherwise you're begging for a zot.

    1. Speaking of the zot, I'd love for Oz to do a "pathology of the zot". I'm sure it's unavailable, but I'd love to know the statistics of what type of individual is zotted (liberal/RINO), what day of the week it's likely to occur, and what topic.

      Sure supporting Romney or McCain will result in some creepy message full of cat pics from TheOldLady, but the pathology is interesting.

      Calling Jim a tyrant is probably the quickest, I imagine.

    2. Personally I've seen the most zots handed out right around election season, of course, but at a very specific time: the primaries. There is a lot of infighting over which one is the "Real True Conservative" and tempers flare. Then Jimrob decides on the perfect candidate and zots everyone who doesn't follow suit. Then he'll switch to whoever is chosen in the primaries and again zot anyone who doesn't follow.

      2008 and 2012 led to huge purges thanks to this and it's one of the most hilarious times to follow Freep.

  4. I gotta say, hearing a white American complain about Euro imports is just so freakin hilarious.