Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Freeper Civil War over Gayness

Via Anonymous:

A post about Shep Smith's alleged boyfriend sets Freepers off on an interesting topic: whether it is vitally important to know who is gay, or whether it doesn't really matter.
Man, the times really are a changin'. Not fast, though - the old guard keep the line. But when even the fringiest fringe starts to feel conflicted....

null and void starts off this 380-post thread:
Shep’s gay? no kidding.

Does somebody really care?
nesnah affects lack of surprise:
Shep is a feces felon?

Sybeck1 has this report:
I went to high school with Shepard. I am three years younger than him from a small academy with 500 students K-12. He was always in the choir and the arts.
Careful now - Bush was a male cheerleader.

Mustangman asks for less name calling:
I love this site. There are a lot of smart people who post here. Plus, you guys all understand the political philosophies of both the right and left...even though we all lean right....for the most part. I expect smart snappy and informative remarks when I come to this site and I usually get them.

With that said, I will never understand some of the homophobic snark that gets posted. Are you all in seventh grade? Besides making you look silly and small and irrelevant amongst serious people, your remarks paint us all in a bad light....and therefore conservatism in a bad light. I have no freakin clue what Shep Smith does in his private life....nor do I care. Its not relevant to anything. Now grow up!!!!!!
little jeremiah, needless to say, takes exception:
Oh, so you like faggotry.

Good to know where people stand.

Some on solid ground, some in the cesspit.
Responsibility2nd thinks homosexuality is super important:
See mustangman in post 13. He evidently doesn’t think deviancy is relevant either.

(shaking head) Who let all the libs in here?
Responsibility2nd then goes all anti-gay Nazi:
A gay man (like Shep probably is) in his prominent position has far greater (negative) influence than a hundred gay soldiers. The mind of a homo is twisted and perverte and as a result - his view and his slant on things on National TV are wrong.

He should be fired for being gay.
ToastedHead comes to the defense of the 'lets not care' but is still kind of an ass about it:
What Mr. Mustang wrote is not “lib”. It’s not his place, or mine, or yours, to judge old Shep. It’s God’s.

That being said, Shep has a girly aura, and I’m shocked to read he was married.
newfreep on gender roles:
LOL! Some butches can be quite masculine vs ALL of the homosexual & liberal males.

How in the hell they “enjoy” anal feces teabagging is beyond comprehension. Truly satanic evil that is on the ame level as Sodom & Gormarrah.
CatherineofAragon has no problem with gays, so long as they never show that they might be gay. Except she has a problem even then:
1) “Homophobic” is a nonsense word, made up by liberals to try and demonize those who don’t slobber over queers. It has nothing to do with being phobic/fearful of them.

2) If homosexuals stayed in the closet where they belong, and ashamed of their actions as is proper, I wouldn’t care what they do in private. But they shove it in our faces every day, harder and harder, demanding it be normalized and celebrated.

3) It’s natural to be disgusted by homosexuality. Two men messing with each other’s filthy anal area and calling it “love” or “marriage” is outrageous, and a sick joke. Homosexuality is pure perversion.

If telling the truth about feces-obsessed deviants makes me look “small” or “silly”, well....I don’t give a damn. I’m not going to shut up about it. I would say conservatism is put into a bad light by those who see nothing wrong with such sickness.
Lancey Howard seems to think most Democrats are gay:
I knew Shep was a Democrat, so it’s no surprise to me he’s a turd poker.
Maybe he’ll get married and Megyn Kelly can be his Maid of Honor.
GeronL explains that the problem with gay people is that they keep being against people discriminating against them. Also, the latest on pedophilia, because it's GeronL.
otherwise why be so full of hate for people not doing anything to harm them?

So when business owners are sued into oblivion, when soldiers are court martialed for not approving of homosexuality when homo sex is drummed into kids by public schools and the media and when people are attacked and slandered for not approving of their perversions this is "not doing anything to harm them"?? Now that these same people want to normalize pedophilia (NY theaters are going to let kids in to see a new NC-17 movie all about a woman and a little girl having sex) I guess that's not harming anything either? .... Everyone is a sinner, but how many other sins are flaunted in parades and declared a right and forced onto people who disagree? How many people identify themselves with their sins?
Yaelle comes off as a hero of tolerance while comparing homosexuals to the mentally disabled:
I have been around at least 14 years so I’ve seen it. I’m a good donor and if JimRob wants to throw me off for not calling homosexuals names, he can. I love FR but I have homosexuals in my circle of people I also love. People with sexual response to those of their same gender — some who do not act upon it as well.

Sorry; I don’t think we need to call people with differences names. My child with disabilities doesn’t need to be called a moron. Shep smith doesn’t need to be called a fudge packer. It is the one place I differ with many freepers. I am extremely committed to conservative principles.
DJ MacWoW explains why Yaelle is wrong:
Your view on homosexuals is very liberal and emotional. It is not fact based.
DJ MacWoW provides an example of sober fact-based analysis:
Homosexuality is indefensible. They aren't "born", they recruit, usually troubled kids that need help. Recruiters are called Chicken Hawks. THAT IS INDEFENSIBLE!

If the The Sword of Truth hurts, deal with it.
CatherineofAragon pipes in with her own objectivity:
"Deviancy is a word fraught with value judgment. As if you are better than those you are calling, basically, freaks."

Seriously? Deviancy is a word which means what it sounds like---deviation from the norm. Men playing with one anothers' filthy anal areas is not normal. See, THAT is what's ugly------the sickening behavior itself. Not the words used to describe it.

Besides, what's wrong with value judgments?

"That is prejudiced and unkind. I agree homosexuality is a brain condition. One completely not the person’s fault. Some freepers suffer depression. Some have bipolar. We don’t single them out as freaks. Why do you?"

There is no evidence to suggest it's a brain condition, or not the fault of the individual who practices it. God calls it an abominable sin. Do you know better than Him? Why would a merciful God hold people responsible for something that isn't their fault?

I've known quite a few homosexuals, working in fashion as I used to. Every single one of them had screwed-up family situations and/or sexual abuse in their backgrounds. It's learned behavior, nothing more.

A friend of mine has a sister who suddenly decided she wanted nothing more to do with men, and "married" another woman. If it's a brain condition, how can her years of dating men be explained?

"Because it involves something you think is “yucky.” Believe me, your private sexual moments or thoughts are ALSO yucky to others"

Really? You equate heterosexuality to women abusing themselves with toys, or men obsessed with feces, or queers in San Francisco drinking urine, and parading their adopted toddlers around in leather and chains?

Wow. Stunning.


  1. Those kids today and their anal feces teabagging. What scamps.

  2. "Recruiters are called Chicken Hawks. "

    Uh...what? Chickenhawks are more like Dick Cheney, Rick Santorum, Karl Rove etc.

    1. So he was right?

  3. (NY theaters are going to let kids in to see a new NC-17 movie all about a woman and a little girl having sex)

    [citation needed]

  4. This image probably has been shown on FR. It's from a Fark thread about open-carry protesters

  5. This is probably the sweetest part of the advancing movement for marriage equality. Seeing the Freepers and their ilk totally losing their shit, repeatedly.

  6. Note to CatherineofAragon (and manc, and little jeremiah, and many other butt obsessed freepers) ...

    In recent centuries, most cultures have discovered toilet paper and wash cloths.
    Perhaps your filthy anal area could benefit from such advances too, give them a try!

    Really, I can't help but wonder about the horrible guilt-inducing toilet training CatherineofAragon received as a child.

    1. That's funny, euphgeek ... but really, it had to be something like that.

      I also imagine more than a few freepers have continence problems.

      Please note that CatherineofAragon immediately tends to jump to "women using sex toys" whenever anyone talks about heterosexual practices ... quite telling when one reads between the lines of her comments.
      She's into some sick shit that would make the gayest gay guy blush.

  7. Bigots like to ignore the fact that straight people love buttsex. And sex toys, and BDSM, and every other damn thing. Seriously, for every possible homosexual perversion these guys can name, there's something straight people do that's at least as weird.

    1. Oh, I bet you that a good percentage of these Freepers are freaks.

  8. What Miss Aragon would have said 50 years ago...

    1) “Racist” is a nonsense word, made up by liberals to try and demonize those who don’t slobber over Negroes. It has nothing to do with being phobic/fearful of them.

    2) If Negroes would just be seen and not heard I wouldn’t care what they do in private. But they shove it in our faces every day, harder and harder, demanding to sit at the front of the bus.

    3) It’s natural to be disgusted by Negroes. They are inferior to us and want to rape white women with their mandingo sized cocks. Does anyone have a mandingo dildo? I'm just doing a little research (insert Sarah Palin wink).

    If telling the truth about Negroes makes me look “small” or “silly”, well....I don’t give a damn. I’m not going to shut up about it. I would say conservatism is put into a bad light by those who see nothing wrong with such darkness.

  9. Something seems to be wrong with a lot of FReepers' bowels. It's definitely not normal to have dung in there 24/7! Maybe they should see someone about that.

    Seriously, people this freaked out about "feces" probably should avoid vaginal sex, too. As Redd Foxx said, "It ain't but an inch away."