Monday, June 16, 2014

Replacing Cantor

Late post, but I'm trying to catch up after I spent last week sleeping and wasting time.
This one is via Anon.

Freepers' drive for GOP unity has turned into their main focus, as continued calling for Obama to be prosecuted for over-the-top crimes has gotten old.

One could argue that this is because they no longer have power in America at large, but still do in the GOP. But Freepers power is waning even there. Freepers are claiming Cantor's scalp on behalf of the Tea Party. But it's looking more and more like Cantor's negative ad-based, personally absent style of campaigning was more to blame.

Witness their impotent rage at Cantor's putative replacement having the same faint trace of pragmatism Cantor does:

tennmountainman has given up on everyone from California:
McCarthy is an amnesty pimp.
Is no conservative
Is from a state(CA) that hasn’t voted GOP for decades.

It had better not be McCarthy.
I'm enjoying Freeper's growing agreement with liberals about the GOP and big business. Like RinaseaofDs:
McCarthy can’t be primaried. That’s why he’s there.

The check’s got to be paid. You saw Cantor’s donor list. You think Boehner’s is any different.

They are going to ram this home, even if it wrecks the party.

The check’s got to be paid.
dware purity is so rote, I wonder if he is maybe just a chatbot.
The GOPe left it’s base a long time ago. At this point, anyone that still thinks there’s any hope for the party is delusional, and I daresay it’s our patriotic duty at this point to leave the Republican party in droves. They certainly are not interested in having an (R) in the WH anytime soon. Sobeit.
Kenny Bunk is ready to fight.
You need a fight?

Well kids, here it is. Boehner and the RINO establishment clearly ARE a conspiracy, not a theory. Let's take a week off from the CCP. I know Sheriff Joe won't mind.


  1. Freepers fight about the World Cup. My favorite comment so far is from Norm Lenhart:

    All the participation Trophy kids love it. They grew up on it like we did football/baseball/hockey. Brings back memories of free no-score pizza parties and group hugging.

    1. That was beautiful! Especially while everyone around the country was celebrating the US win...Freepers continue to show how out of touch they are with the rest of us.

    2. Thanks - awesome thread. Bunch of Freepers calling each other faggots, plus some racism and misogyny. Good times!
      I like comment 109: "I was watching one of the games at the hotel bar the other night and noticed that the time counted up instead of down like it does in other sports. That's just weird."

  2. I like hearing Brat's fiscal plans ...
    he sounds just like an Occupy Wall Street activist.

    Brat is an Economics professor, by the way.

    1. If he is willing and able to carefully weed the fiscal overgrowth in the garden, I don't mind him being a bit of a nut about some things.

      I do want carefully though - some of the recent "weeding" by the appropriations committee has pulled up perfectly good plants.

  3. So did 2nddivisionvet raise that 2 million he promised for Sarah in 2012?
    To: V_TWIN

    Get in line behind the other 137 people here who say that on a regular basis. I’ve got a question for you, though. Why do they still do dozens and sometimes hundreds of stories and articles a day about her if she is “damaged” and washed-up? Dan Quayle, Fritz Mondale, Al Gore and Dick Cheney actually WERE vice presidents, yet you almost NEVER saw anything about them once they left office! She merely ran for the office and has been the most talked about political figure after Mr. Obama since election day in 2008. Something doesn’t add up here.

    20 posted on ‎6‎/‎17‎/‎2014‎ ‎9‎:‎08‎:‎07‎ ‎AM by 2ndDivisionVet (I will raise $2Million USD for Cruz and/or Palin's next run, what will you do?)

    1. Oh yes, we never heard anything about Mondale, Gore, or Cheney after they left office. (I'll spot him Quayle.)

  4. Oh dear. Are Sarah has just dun' it.

    Watch as Freep goes down in flaaaaames.

    1. Hardly, all you are going to get it is calls for a third party from the freeps. After all they are "conservatives" frist and republicicans second


  5. "...Mexico is anally corrupt and has very strict immigration laws."
    What?? Please tell me that "anally corrupt" is an autocorrect fail!

  6. Hillary kicks ass in a Fox News interview where they grill her on Benghazi. Freepers are not happy.