Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Could this be the end for white people?

Rep. John Lewis notes that whites are soon going to lose majority status in America, and merely become the biggest plurality. For people who claim to not care about race, Freepers sure seem agitated about a nonwhite America.

LucianOfSamasota knows all nonwhites are unemployed:
It will be wonderful!

We will have an entire nation of unskilled freeloaders who will vote themselves into entitlement prosperity!

No one will work but everyone will be rich!

And those angry, old, white men will finally be put in their place!
LucianOfSamasota takes his "only white people work" thesis to it's logical conclusion:
We’ll have slavery for white people.

Work harder - we need more tax revenues!
Altura Ct. rounds "49%" down to "0%"
So he celebrates the eradication of whites.
Viennacon knows what nonwhites vote for!
Be courageous. Embrace the change. A change from a representative Republic under a constitution and God to some twisted, impoverished utopian nightmare with a Stalinist federal government.
Regulator lays out the results:
Get rid of whitey by drowning him in a sea of angry non-whites.

The result? Zimbabwe.
vette6387 explains how minorities think:
The only thing I can think of is stupidity, an empty stomach, and a need for alcohol, and some sex. So we have feral Blacks and we have feral Mexicans. What a wonderful legacy!
Stepan12 expects blacks hate Latinos enough that they'll all become Republicans:
As Ann Coulter pointed out, the illegal aliens undocumented workers are taking jobs from black people. Blacks abandoned by the Democratic party will say (in Ann Coulter's phraseology), "What? You abandoned me for that ranchero slut"? And they will find out the Democratic Party did just that. Power is the neo Communist goal -- not humanity.
AbolishCSEU has a whole set off weird issues:
Don’t forget the anti-father “family” court and divorce industry. If a (usually) white male has children he has the ever present threat of mom ditching him, taking the children, alienating them from him and then, adding insult to injury, taking 50% of his earnings for the next 18-26 years (usually 21+ years mandatory in white male hating BLUE states). Why would any white male want to procreate in today’s misandric environment? Minority males are not pursued with such fervor by the (mostly) white, female Child Support Enforcement case workers. To do so would be “racist.” /s

The fastest way to stop out of control foreign births (muzzies) is to introduce Western divorce culture, replacing Sharia law. And “equal opportunity” child support enforcement for minority men.


  1. Hilarious ... and this is what Phyllis Schlafly wants for the Republican Party, for them to focus and concentrate the white male voter in order to win elections.

    I, for one, look forward to the freeper mindset becoming the Republican Party norm, for the last election cycle before the Republicans self-destruct.

    1. I was going to post the same goddamn thing!

      Oh man this could make for some fun GOP primary debates.

  2. Re: AbolishCSEU - I don't have any way of knowing if child support laws are enforced differently by race, but they should be enforced uniformly, period. Absentee fathers should not get off the hook. Abandoning your kids is what causes so much poverty and crime in the first place. If you can't support kids, don't have any.

    1. That being said, I know you can't get blood from a stone...so perhaps if dads who ditch their kids don't have any money, they should be forced to support them in other ways.