Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Pix

Between the gay Nazis, the Islamonazis, and the Obamanazis, can a full-blown Nazinaddo be far behind?
Wow, this comparison is unflattering to everyone involved
The tongue motions of evil!
The goofy face of evil!
I think this face comes from a TIME magazine cover or something.
They do hate Boehner so much these days.
Never Forget!!!
I'm not seeing the menace of flexibility.
Needs more blinking!


  1. Re: Female genital mutiliation -- so many thoughts come to mind.
    1) Since Freepers think sex is dirty and only for procreation, why would they be against anything that would diminish women's sexual pleasure? It only makes them into sluts, anyway.
    2) Why are they dumping on Sweden, when Sweden has explicitly outlawed the practice both inside AND outside the country?
    3) Given 1) and 2) above, if they do sincerely hate the practice of sexually mutilating little girls, shouldn't they be glad they found their way to Sweden, where they at least have a chance to avoid it??
    Fucking psycho hypocrites.

    1. Whoops, forgot URL.

    2. Alas, pulled. and the cache is only 3 comments.

      After that last Freepathon, I think they may be retrenching and tamping down on the crazy again as they are trying to grow their donor base.

      We'll see how long it lasts.

  2. At the risk of sounding unregenerate - Sarah Palin does have a cute derriere. A voice that sounds like overloaded logging equipment getting ready to throw a piston or two (Not quite Fran Dreschler territory, but getting up there), but easy on the eye, if not the ear

    Not exactly a resounding attribute for President. Just ask Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Still not forgiven Rush for calling her a bimbo during selfiegate.,

    1. As a man who is particularly taken with that area of women, I can second that analysis.

      Like Michelle Obama, folks who think Sarah Palin is hideous are letting there partisanship dictate their lusts, which seems easier to do than I'd expect.

    2. I'll admit Palin is rather easy on the eyes, but once I've heard someone talk the way she does with such proud ignorance and obvious contempt for the majority of Americans who elected Obama twice, there's no way I can ever look at her in that way.

    3. I don't find Palin to be hot at all.
      Meg Kelly from Fox news is hot though