Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Freepers mostly want to kill Muslim babies

I try to cultivate some jadendess, to insulate my humanity from the pull of tribal sociopathy that Internet politics urges on all of us. But clearly this primary is getting to me, because my first thought upon hearing about the attacks in Belgium even still in progress was 'how will this effect the US election.'

Justly recoiling from myself, I turned off the radio and soberly began my day in the shadow and horror of terrorism. Like mass shootings, this is beginning to feel like the new normal.

Freepers are unburdened by the need to retain any sort of humanity towards strangers. But they have a different problem. They need to show their commitment to the cause by being willing to transgress normal morality. On the Internet only, of course. But they've done that so much that merely calling for death by torture is old hat. So how else are you supposed to show you're angry?

Lazamataz to the rescue! While most Freepers subscribe to the 'deport all Muslims' style of genocide, Laz has been increasingly unironically pushing Nazi tactics.

I knew his posts would be deleted, so I saved them:

Lazamataz, going over the top:
Infants, infirm, diseased, handicapped, ALL OF THEM.

NOT ONE REMAINING ALIVE, for it is an insult to the Earth.
Lazamataz isn't joking, he's just not going to do anything:
No, I really mean it. Cleanse the planet Earth of all Muslims. Please assign me to the head of this effort, for I shall be incredibly efficient and very enthusiastic.
And so the Debate Begins! Who is willing to throw their humanity away to be tough on the Internet? Looks like about 70% to me.

fortheDeclaration gives this hate-wankery about as much as it deserves (a lot less than I'm giving it):
Stop talking like a crazy person!
EEGator knows being against genocide is the pansies' position!
I’m on your side. F the pansies talking crap to you.
okie01 recalls a past American genocide...approvingly.
An apt analogy is, literally, cowboys & Indians.

The White Americans were in conflict with the Native Americans almost from the start of the colonies. The fundamental issue between them was Private Property. For the newcomers, it was an article of philosophical faith. For the current occupiers of the land, it was generally against their fundamental belief system.

Under the circumstances, co-existence was impossible. One had to win; one had to lose.

It is the same with the West and Muslims. The Constitution and Sharia are incompatible.
Bryanw92 says Islam is like Nazi Germany. Neglects to note that we somehow managed not to go Nazi on the Nazis:
Islam is the Nazis for our age. Most are fairly benign on their own, but get them in a group and they will kill you in a heartbeat. Give them enough political power and the harmless bureaucrat has no problem with creating lists of people to die and the harmless Doctor becomes Menegele. The history of Islam proves that out.

And some are agents of direct action. Kill all the agents of direct action and some of the benign ones will come out of the crowd to take up arms and continue the fight.

Would I kill them all? No. But they do not belong in our country or in Europe. Western civilization has a right to live. We do not have the right to let it be destroyed because we like our benign Nazi/Islamic doctor.
Gadsden1st explains that before there's another terrorist attack we need to kill all Muslims:
Woah there, big fella...

You sure you want to be standing that close to the edge?

Maybe you would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee, and we can talk about this...

This is not in defense of Laz. He is a big boy and can speak for himself. With Laz, it is sometimes difficult to know if he is serious.

I am serious. Today, we could see this same thing happen in the U.S.

When the bombs go off in our subways or airports are you still going to be sipping your coffee?

Frog in a pot.
Dave W does not take kindly to sauropod noting that he knows some Muslims that seem like human beings:
I’m sorry Laz, but this is beyond the pale.

I have a couple of doctors (actually several) that are Muslim and they have never ever, not once, tried to proselytize me (or chop off my head either).

I think you need to reconsider your statement/joke.

Cheers, ‘Pod.

Domesticated Muslims appear to be like you and me except that they are not. They may never stab an American in Jerusalem. They may never strap a back pack on and detonate it in a pizza joint. They may never bomb a subway station, but they support those that do these things. They are just as evil. Your naiveness does not bode well for this country.
grey_whiskers also explains that Muslims just seem like normal people and are actually all secret terrorists:
the so-called "moderate" Muslims provide perfect PR cover for the importation of the others.

Incidentally, on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog. Do you know their online identities, or to whom they have given money?

For that matter, how do we know you're not a deep cover mole? Srsly.
sauropod was the guy calling Laz out above. He hastens to endorse the moderate measure of nuking Mecca.
I’m a little right of Ghenghis Khan myself, but I. this case, I think it’s safe to assume that the Islamic threat is one sent from God as a judgement on the West.

The West was protected while we were relatively close to God, but now that, for the most part, He has been abandoned and ridiculed He is leaving us to the wolves.

I’m not saying I accept it, I’m saying if we were firm in our Christian beliefs, we could eliminate the muslim threat In about 5 minutes. They are 60 IQ savages and weak as women, but their enemies are weaker. We have become too divided to reach a consensus.

Be that as it may, I say destroy the Kaaba in Mecca. Destroy the black rock. Take the wind out of their sails with little to no loss of life.

You speak truth.

I wonder how many people will listen?
Mr Radical uses how wrong his Grandfather was in his blanket condemnation of Germans after World War II to somehow decide that Muslims deserve exactly that prejudice:
My Grandpa served in both the first world war and second world. He used to say, “The only good German is a dead one.” As kids, we never really took this seriously and, today, the wounds of those wars have mostly healed. But can Western Civilisation EVER coexist peaceably with Islam?
Somehow thinking someone would take him seriously, null and void endorses Genghis Khan is worthy of emulation:
You seriously would advocate the murder of every muslim...man, woman,& child? And you have the audacity and ignorance to pretend that sickness was or is a part of American history?

Only the ones who won’t convert.

‘Jingus’ Khan spared children shorter than a wagon wheel.
CottonBall has clearly never actually read the Qur'an.
Perhaps you should read the Qur’an. What Laz posted is their goal, spelled out in their Bible.

If some Muslims appear peaceful, they are either biding their time or are not devout (yet).
sargon's merely gleefully neglecting civilian casualties is now soft on Islam:
Of course, any decent Christian knows that deliberately murdering the innocent while killing the guilty means becoming the very thing we hate, and that's no solution.

Now, accidentally murdering the innocent while killing the guilty is a separate issue, of course...
grey_whiskers again, this time arguing Jesus endorsed genocide:
Evil cannot be defeated with evil. Do not be a advocate for the satan...

Hey, didja notice when the soldiers came to Jesus asking for advice, he didn't tell them to stop being soldiers? He told them to be content with their wages and not oppress civilians.
Towards the end of the thread Lazamataz returns switch from genocide to how true and right the Bible is:
BTW, who can possibly doubt the Bible when this stuff nails it so well millennia later.
And so the chest-beating contest to be the least human ends, with over3Owithabrain returning to the Freeper Civil War, already in progress.
Holy crap Cruz is bashing Trump in this faux presidential news conference about the Belgium terror attacks. What an absolute political sleaze


  1. I think someone is going off the rails today....

    To: spodefly
    These wilting flowers will all be dead with 5 minutes of a real SHTF situation. To hell with them.
    They are my prey.
    I shall sup on their flesh.
    73 posted on 3/22/2016, 6:53:48 PM by Lazamataz (Islam is rabies. Anyone infected needs to be put down like a dog.)

    1. The link


  2. Before this gets deleted too

    To: Haiku Guy
    Maybe you would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee, and we can talk about this...
    I'd just dump the coffee, break the cup, and slit the throat of a Muslim with it.
    304 posted on 3/22/2016, 5:44:31 PM by Lazamataz (Islam is rabies. Anyone infected needs to be put down like a dog.)

  3. Way to bring Jesus into it people
    Good Lord

  4. On a lighter note, here's yefragetuwrabrumuy on homosexuality in professional sports:

    According to Gallup, Major League Soccer leads the list with 45% homosexuals, NFL second with 28%, baseball with 18%, and the lowest number are in the NBA, at just 4%.

    The last number is interesting, because per capita, African Americans have a much higher homosexuality rate than do the other races.

    More at NFL sides with 'gay' agenda over Christians. There's a bit of one upmanship as Freepers try to hate football more than the previous poster.

  5. Good idea, Laz, get the whole world to hate us for killing innocents! That'll definitely get other nations on oir side! /s

    Get cancer you psychopath.

  6. Good idea, Laz, get the whole world to hate us for killing innocents! That'll definitely get other nations on oir side! /s
    The sand niggers already hate us. More bombing and the western world will agree with Laz.